When you feel too busy in the used panties business, it’s time to restructure the way you make sales. After all you should dedicate some time to relaxation and enjoying yourself as well. It’s fun to make used panties sales but the other parts of your personal life matter. Always have this in mind when you start feeling kind of worn out when taking part in the naughty community.

There are some quick solutions that are going to make your used panties sales schedule more flexible and easier to handle.

Chat less and gain more
It’s not needed to chat extensively with every single used panties buyer. Sometimes you can have shorter chats and satisfy the clients the same way as having a long chat. You just need to focus more on sending some naughty messages and sexy lingerie photos. This is going to directly satisfy the sexual desire of the clients without having to chat hours and hours. It’s good to chat more, however when you feel tired it’s better to stick to the shorter chats. That way you’re going to send them some quality messages and materials while you keep your good mood.

Take sexy photos beforehand
You can prepare some sexy photo galleries beforehand in order to manage your time and stress levels better. Sometimes you may have more free time and wonder what to do. Take the camera and take some hot photos wearing your favourite lingerie. These photos are going to be extremely useful for you when you have to deal with more used panties clients at a time and update your profile regularly. You’ll prevent stressing out and feeling exhausted thanks to your organisational skills and willingness to manage your tasks efficiently. Converting it into a habit, your used panties business is going to be much more successful.

Use videos more often
Using more videos in your used panties business you’ll save a lot of time. Instead of sending sexy lingerie pictures you can make some videos and send them to your buyers. It’s one way to excite them more and offer a new type of service. You can either send some short videos for free or make some larger naughty videos and charge your clients. It’s a way to relax a bit from selling your used panties and focus more on providing some dirty services. The combination of sexy videos and used panties sales is very exciting for the clients and they are going to make negotiations with you often.