When you make an impression online in the used panties community you should make sure that it lasts long time. For how long you can count on an impression can depend on the thing that have made you look impressive and popular. Having this in mind you can manipulate the final outcome and focus only on the sexy things that bring the best results long term.

Collecting good impressions and reputation online, you are going to become one of the most famous and profitable used panties sellers.

Unique sexy outfit
Presenting a sexy lingerie that is not simply attractive but unique, you can catch the attention of the clients for longer. There are thousands of lingerie designs that the sellers present online and wait for the interest of the clients. Making sure that you stand out in your used panties classifieds and sexy photos, you can intrigue the buyers and make them invest in your classifieds regularly. You can combine various sexy garments in order to achieve an original look, pose sexily and using different background and experimenting with your hairstyle. Every single detail matters and the more creative you are, the more lasting the impression that you make.Sensual blonde woman in underwear laying on floor at night

Interesting texting style
In the chats with used panties buyers you can be quite original as well. Always select the most exciting themes to discuss with them. Including the most favourite topics of men, some famous trends, hot topics and some sincere emotional messages expressing your general feelings, you can maintain the communication sexy and curious. Every time that you start a conversation with someone make sure that the topic is different than the previous discussed. This is going to impress the used panties client definitely and continually excite his interest to communicate and make negotiations with you.

Responsiveness and building rapport
You should also take care about the speed with which you respond to the used panties clients. The faster you are, the more appealing you’re going to be since it creates the impression that you are responsible and they can count on you. Establishing a relation that is deeper is quite satisfying for the buyers and they’re going to like you more as well. Remember that the way you communicate, the relation you establish and the attitude that you have online all are related to the good impression you want to make and for how long it is going to last.