If you notice that a used panties buyer like you a lot and prefers to make negotiations with you, you should consider using some techniques in order to maintain him interested. Making a man impressed and attracted predominately by your used panties classifieds is no an easy task, therefore you should invest some efforts to keep it. Analyse the behaviour of your clients in order to know how much they like you and are excited about your services.

Then feel free to use some methods for keeping their excitation and attraction for making used panties negotiations with you alive.

He wants to receive more photos
The used panties clients request photos only for the sellers that they truly like and want to explore their beauty more. If you buyer wants more photos of yours, then he is really impressed with your body and sexy lingerie. He enjoys observing them and makes him feel interested in making negotiations with you. Feel free to send him some additional sexy photos if he requests some. However, have in mind that you shouldn’t send him too much, otherwise he may lose interest. Maintain the balance between dirty messaging and sending photos, and he is always going to be full of desire for your photos and used panties.Sexy young woman wearing white bride underwear

He chats often with you
The buyers that chat the most often with you are the ones that really enjoy your presence and different types of naughty services. They see a soul mate in you and can share a lot about themselves. Noticing that someone wants to chat with you a lot, you should take care and dedicate some time to chat with him. Reciprocating the feelings and entertaining him in a chat, you’ll maintain his interest and prepare him for making more used panties negotiations. Conversations are an essential part of making used panties business and make it possible for you to make some friends and loyal clients.

Your classifieds are his most favourite
If a client purchases a lot of used lingerie from you, you are definitely his favourite. Maintaining the quality of used panties high and meeting his expectations is key. You can ask him for some feedback about the experience and the lingerie that he receives. This is going to give you some important information on how you can keep him be satisfied and make the rest of your clients enchanted with your services. Don’t feel shy but take interest in his feelings and worldview regarding your classifieds and sexuality in general. It’s going to develop yourself as a seller definitely. Be attentive and put in action the successful techniques that make your buyers happy.