Finding out what a buyer think about the photos that you send him is not that easy, but can be very useful information for you. It’s important to notice if a buyer likes or dislikes your sexy photos, since your can change your style and technique in order to achieve better results. The best way to make this possible is to have in mind some special signs that can tell you that they are into your photography.

This is going to make you be a better used panties seller without having to ask them directly and risking receiving some strange or too honest remarks that can hurt you.

They don’t comment a lot
If a buyer doesn’t say a lot about the photos that he receives, this could mean that he is not really fascinated with your photography but doesn’t want to comment in order to abstain from hurting your feelings. In such situations you can experiment with taking new photos wearing different types of lingerie and posing in some innovative ways. This is going to help you find out what he likes and make him excited about he communication with you. In the meanwhile he is going to be quite happy to observe your erotic photography and enjoy the naughty moment of sharing visual materials.

They want you to send them more
When a buyer states directly that he wants more of your photos, feel fee to take photos in the same naughty spirit and style. You’ve successfully satisfied his desires sending him some of your photos and he adores your understanding of naughty photography. It’s good to stick to the photo shooting style that you have while you chat with this specific used panties client. Have in mind that in such moments the buyers become quite excited and you should be prepared to sell some used panties as well. Visual materials excite men and make them ready to invest in some lingerie.

The buyer doesn’t chat often
Noticing that a buyer doesn’t chat often with you and you send him photos, he may be not that impressed with your photos. You can try new techniques and send him some more from time to time in order to excite his interest. It’s important not to stress too much in such situations, everybody has his own taste. There are a lot of other buyers that you can impress with your erotic photography. However, you can give it a try sending a few more photos in order to test the waters. Knowing when to stop is key in order to organise your time well and dedicate yourself to other used panties buyers.