There are some specific situations that can take place in the used panties chats, that are sign that you should not respond and stop chatting to the buyer. It’s good to respect yourself and dedicate your time only to the best and most reliable used panties clients. This is going to guarantee you success and the buyers online are going to revere you more. Struggling to respond to the strangest clients and feeling frustrated with their behaviour, is not needed when you want to be a prosperous and respected seller.

Just think about the following cases and if you are in such type of a used panties negotiation, take the most appropriate measures and focus on other buyers.

A buyer starts asking you for free panties
It’s possible that a client starts pressuring you to send him some free used panties. In this case he may be quite intelligent and make you feel guilty for something unrealistic. It’s essential to be careful when you are online chatting with the used panties buyers. There are many respectful clients, however there are some strange ones that would do everything for some free stuff. When such type of guy starts bothering you, you can simply stop chatting with him and ignore him continually. If you still face problems the best way to get rid of him is to block him with confidence.Middle aged caucasian woman dressed in lingerie poses on a bed in a bedroom

A client is not consistent with his messages
When a used panties client writes to you but then stops and renews the conversation again, this shows that he is inconsistent with his actions and is not a good client for making used panties negotiations. It’s good to avoid wasting your time with such type of a buyer but rather focus on the other clients online. Noticing that someone is having problems with being active and dedicating to the used panties sales, you should better not relate with him in any kind of way. This demonstrates his true personality and lack of seriousness when it comes to both, entertainment and business relations.

A buyer mistakes you for another seller
If it happens to you that a used panties buyer hasn’t dedicated enough time to look at your profile and remember you, then this is not a good sign. The clients that are the most passionate about a seller are going to be quite excited and remember her name and stories. If someone mistakes your name or what you’ve said in a chat, think twice before making a used panties deal. You deserve to enjoy the time spent online with respectful buyers, and people that appreciate your used lingerie and services more.