Selling Used Panties from Big Beautiful Women

It is not yet clear why many men love sniffing panties or women’s socks. However, most panty sniffers consider the scent of the vagina as sexually arousing. Currently, used panty selling is considered as a multi-million dollar industry with websites like enjoying a huge following of sellers and buyers, which indicates how popular the industry is.One noticeable trend in the industry is the increased level of interest for Big Beautiful Women (BBW) in sexy juicy panties. Whereas in the real world, these women may be looked down upon, there is a growing fascination for them in the used panty world. More sites are currently featuring BBWs as they consider it to be a unique way of keeping fantasies and desires alive.Why the Sudden Love for Big Women in Sexy Panties?There are a number of reasons why there is a sudden increase in BBWs selling their used panties online. However, specifically, it is the features of these women that men are attracted to. In fact, most of the fetishists are even willing to pay more for used panties from these women, especially when there is an accompanying video of the lady masturbating in the sexy pants.How to Make Money Selling BBW Used PantiesSelling used panties via online platforms is considered as an easy way of making money and if you are a big woman, it could be one of the many ways of earning some confidence. However, in order to be successful you need to deal with a verified website and be open to a wide range of requests. Selling BBW used panties involves first understanding the needs of your customers as not all of them will have the same fantasies. Nonetheless, one of the most effective ways is the inclusion of videos or webcam shows when marketing your panty selling business.It is however important to first do some research on what your clientele would like. This is important as it will give you an idea of what should be included and what should not. It is also advisable that when selling used panties from BBWs, you should take time to understand the fantasies of your customers. Always keep in mind that used panty buyers have specific fetishes, and it is up to you to fulfil these dreams and fantasies as it will determine whether you will be successful in the long run.

Sexy News from the used panty world

It is interesting to point out that different people have different fetishes. In this regards, there are people who like buying used panties for various reasons. Some men in particular, have fantasies about certain things. Looking at Sexy News from the used panty world can help you realize just how realistic this idea can be.Some tips are however important if you want to join this forum. You should start by understanding just how it works and what kind of used panties you can actually sell. The first rule of thumb is to make sure the used panties you deal in are very clean and ready for anyone to handle without causing any unnecessary concerns. According to news from the used panty world, it is also essential to have photographs of the panties you want to sell. Pictures or video clips are very good at creating a good impression on your potential buyers. The results will be much better if you can take pictures or shoot short video clips of the used panty you intend to sell in a sexy body.This does not mean that people without sexy bikini bodies cannot sell. This is not true. In reality, sexy news from the used panty world show that many sellers have used images of their friends to post pictures and sell their items with relative ease. You only need to find a friend who has a smart bikini body and ask them to help you out.Other things you should do to make it even easier to attract potential lingerie buyers online include taking as many and clear pictures of your panties as possible. The more realistic the images are, the better your chances of selling. With so many people having fantasies about used panties, the potential is huge as long as you can join a good forum and learn the best practices in the used panties business.

Sexy News from the Used Panty World

Used panties have become a major business product over the past couple of years. In fact, it has become a great business hub both for men and women. In recent times, millions of clients have been flocking the internet to search for used panties. This is especially the case for men who generally love to get something that is fancy and good looking together with saving an extra penny. The other reason is because some men just get excited when they buy dirty panties, wet panties or panties that have got women’s body scent. The truth of the matter is that every woman has a very unique body scent. There are men who prefer to have enjoyable sex with their partners to the scent that comes from their bodies. They mainly admire, appreciate and adore this natural scent that is produced by ladies hair, body and just everything about the woman’s body. Some men are just totally obsessed with the smell of ladies and that is why most of them are now moving to the internet and other markets to buy used panties from ladies. If you have some old panties and you are thinking of disposing them, perhaps a good idea would be to sell them to the many people out there who need them.One thing that you need to understand as you plan to venture into this erotic business is that you need to be very alert in everything that you do. Also, you have to understand that this kind of business is mainly done on the internet and you can easily be scammed by dubious business people out there. In order to make a good amount of money in this business, there are clients who will persuade you to give them your nude photos, make bookings for the panties and many endless requirements. Men who buy used panties use them for a range of purposes. What are you buying these panties for? Your mode of use might determine the variety you will come across in the market.If you want to enter into the world of sexual arousal, it is high time you tapped into the rewarding experience of the sweet fragrance that comes from selling used panties. There is definitely a market that will suit your desires completely. If you are truly a fetishist, you should know where you can get these used panties on the internet. This kind of business is convenient, rewarding and pretty much exciting.

Sexy News from the used panty world

The modern day sexy panties world is now welcoming you to sell worn and used panties. Of course, if you have a hunch for money you can attest to the fact that this is one of the best ways to lay your hands on easy money. Ladies, this is just for you. Of course it does not mean that men cannot do this. However, the common perception among many all over the world is that ladies love fashion and things that keep on evolving every other day. Just recently, this panty business idea hit the market and many people have been adopting it largely. Apparently, today the worn panty business has been growing exponentially. With many ladies across the globe running into this sort of a business, it only means that there is success lurking for all who make this venture. With a wide range of unique choices in the used or worn panty market today, you can choose to venture into this ever attractive and lucrative business venture. If you truly understand what fashion means for the ladies, you can hit the road.If you can do this, business is there for you. There is no doubt that men love worn panties. Yeah, it might sound funny but that is a fact. So, if you have any sexy panties in your house, you don’t have to throw them away. There is opportunity to make some money out of it. Whereas you might be thinking about disposing of you’re worn out sexy panties and innerwear, there are others out there who are yearning to earn some top dollar selling them. It is that right time that you entered into the world of sexual arousal. Perhaps the most perfect way to achieve that would be to gain from the rewarding experience that comes with selling used panties. If you are truly a fetishist and you love the best, there is a market that best suits your tastes and preferences out there. This is perhaps one of the most exceptional moments you will ever have in your life. Not only is it convenient but also exciting, rewarding and most importantly sexually fulfilling. Basically, in the modern day panty market, everyone stands to benefit from the trade of buying and selling used panties. The fetishist on the other hand gets awarded a mind blowing experience, the seller earns money and the buyers get just what they have been craving for. There is no doubt that this is a lucrative business venture that anyone can go for.

Sexy News from the Used Panty World

It can never be fully understood, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. In fact, the fetish for sniffing used panties has been on the rise in the recent past. In order to get a picture of how popular the panty sniffing business is, a 10 minutes search on the internet yields a number of websites which facilitate the buying and selling of sexy underwear. A site like caters for all used panty fetishists and used sellers out there. The site offers pictures, membership profiles for both buyers and sellers, guides on how to be successful in panty selling, forums, and even videos of sexy women in their juicy panties to specifically entice men, and a few women, into buying the underwears. Basically, the site acts as a social network for panty sniffing fetishists and it is totally secure and discreet.According to research, panty sniffing, though it varies from one individual to another, basically involves the act of one eroticizing a person’s underwear, which are usually stained, and could include vaginal fluids – sometimes as a result of the seller masturbating in them in order to drive more sales, urine stains, menstrual blood stains, and/or even fecal stains. To most of these fetishists, the odor from the scent zones is considered to be sexually arousing; the visual makes their sexual fantasies to appear more realistic. According to one such user of, in an interview via email, “I find used panties to be erotic and the only way that I can establish a connection with the sexy sellers on the site is through purchasing something that she purposely wears for me and masturbating in it just for me so that I can experience that intimate part of her… sometimes I even find it more arousing to wear the used underwears and feel my hardness in them”.In many ways, the idea of selling used panties to a total stranger could appear to be absurd. According to one of the sellers on, the demand for the sexy panties from beautiful, honest, attentive, and creative women is what makes the business thrive. However, it is hard to find such characteristics, especially in a business that is considered to be very profitable. Nonetheless, in order to guarantee their sellers and buyers quality and safety, sites like give the buyers an opportunity to verify their orders. Furthermore, the site encourages sellers to establish and maintain relationships with their buyers as it is an integral part of the used panty business.

Body odor and sexual arousal – used panty science

Some people have a fetish for used underwear or watching someone wearing or removing their underwear. There are others who feel sexually excited with body odor and experience sexual arousal from seeing or handling juicy panties. Most men get aroused by the body odor of a woman and are attracted to the natural smell of a woman’s body.

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The smell of used panties

The panties that cover the woman’s most desirable body part are filled with the scent of ejaculation that excites the panty sniffers. The scent zones may be present in various parts of the body but is unmistakably present in the private parts and is passed on to the undies. It is the odor of juicy panties that appeals to fetishists. It is important to preserve the natural smell of the worn undies. In order to do so care should be taken of the three Scent Zones of the panties. The front part of the panties that covers the clitoris forms Zone 1 and carries the strongest smell of the vagina. The center of the gusset which is usually moist with the vaginal opening forms the Zone 2. The scent in the back part of the undies that covers the anal region forms Zone 3 and is favored by panty buyers.

A site to buy used panties ?

Pantydeal is there to cater for people who get eroticized with used panties. Many males prefer used panties as the find the female odor overpowering. It is verified that men use these panties when sexually aroused and alone and find their release by masturbating in dirty undies. Sometimes partners wear these used panties during sexual activity for a heightened experience. Whatever be the reason, the demand for used panties has led to the availability of such products. Now it’s easy to order used panties online at Pantydeal. Many women sell their used undies through the online websites and make some money for themselves. In fact by masturbating in dirty undies they can increase the value of their panties as it could fetch them more cash. The buyers of such panties get aroused by just sniffing such erotic smells and prefer them over the natural body odors.

More discreet than ever to sell and buy used panties

The sexy news from the panty world is that it has become far easier and more discreet than ever before to both sell and buy used panties online. As the pace of life continues to increase, there is more demands on both your time and money, often making relaxing and rewarding yourself more and more difficult. The demands of modern living are one of the reasons why the market for used panties has greatly increased. It has now become more convenient and easy to both sell and buy used and sexy panties, and other undergarments and lingerie through reputable online sites. This is a great way for girls over eighteen to use something that cost very little to purchase, or which has become used and no longer desired, to earn them extra money on the side. It is also a great way for people to get worn panties to help them enjoy sexy and used underwear for their panty fetish. Through reputable online panty fetish sites, it is easy to set up a seller or buyer profile, and to find the perfect marketplace to earn some extra money or to feed your desire for used undergarments. This is a great way for girls over eighteen to earn some extra cash and for people who desire used or new undergarments to get what they need in a discreet as well as convenient way. No matter what you want to sell, or what you are looking for, there is a market for all types of undergarments and lingerie. These include normal panties, bras and even socks, and no matter the fetish, it is possible to sell and purchases undergarments through reputable online sites that are trustworthy, discreet as well as very convenient to use. If you are a seller, then setting up an online profile is easy, and you can be as forward or discreet as you like, as well as decided what you want to sell, to whom and for how much. The same goes for being a buyer, you can set up a discreet profile, easily browse through the girls who are offering their undergarments and also request just what you need. With such a sultry and sexy way to sell and buy used panties and undergarments, is has become easier than ever to reward yourself with a little extra money or that special used panty you were looking for.

I want to make a lot of money selling dirty panties

If you want to make a lot of money selling dirty panties, then you may want to consider investing more time in your new found venture. As with any other business that is performed on the internet, the amount of money that you will earn is directly proportional to the amount of time that you will invest in the business. In order to generate the kind of money that you want a lot of commitment and handwork will be required in the process. This article will show how you can manage your erotic trade and reap the most out of it.Plan your scheduleLet’s assume you are a house wife and you have several house-hold duties that require your attention. You will need to plan a schedule that fits well in your panty business to make it succeed. Try to be finishing most of your chores by mid-morning so that the remaining time in the afternoon can be spent online promoting your panty selling business. Alternatively, if you have no problem working at night, then you can choose to re-plan your schedule so that it favors your buyers.Set goalsIt is always a wonderful thing to know that you have achieved a certain goal. Even better is when it occurs just the way you had planned it. If you want your used panty business to expand, then you will need to set meaningful goals that you can meet. For example, you can start by setting small goals like locating new clients and working hard to increase their numbers. However, while increasing their numbers you must make sure that you do not forget your existing clients. Treat these clients well and they will remain loyal to your services.Have an open mindIn the course of your panty selling career you will come across many clients who will be interested in your erotic wares. Additionally, you will also come across others who will seem to have weird fetish requests, but do not fret this is only part of the job. In as much as you want to promote your business and built a great reputation with your clients, you will also need to learn how to accommodate all their fetish needs. Without an open mind, it will be difficult for you to please them and fulfill all their sexual needs. These are some of the things you can use to promote your panty selling business.

A desperate seller trying to make money offering low quality garments

If you want to earn money selling used under wear, then you will have to learn the most effective panty selling methods out there. These marketing strategies will not only help you reach a large pool of panty buyers in the market, but they will also assist in increasing your sales. Below are some of the best marketing strategies that you can apply today and see your business grow.Quote a good price A good price is required if you want to communicate that you are not a desperate seller trying to make money offering low quality garments to your clients. Although pricing plays a critical role in the success of your business,you should always make sure that you have selected a very competitive price.Try to keep it personalIt is a proven fact that most panty buyers will prefer to buy fetish items from a seller who maintains personal relations than one who didn’t. Adding a personal touch to your panty selling marketing is very important, but be very careful when you are sending regular promotional materials to your buyers to avoid being labeled as a spammer. Instead, look for other reliable means you can use to establish a personal relationship with your clients.Choose your target marketBefore any marketing technique can be applied on any business, the first thing that you are supposed to do is to identify your target audience. A target audience is made up of people who will be buying your products. Once you have identified your potential buyers in your panty selling business, then customizing your panties to suit their various needs will be attainable.Fulfill specific demandsNormally, when you are selling these fetish items in the market, there is a good chance that you will receive multiple requests from your buyers. Some of these requests may involve specific things that you are not prepared to do. Nevertheless, how you handle each and every one of these requests will determine whether you are someone who is committed in fulfilling your client’s demands or not. You should always try to fulfill the wishes of your clients, and you will succeed in the long run.Have funLastly, you should find enjoyment in what you do. Having fun selling used panties will not only help you improve your business, but it will also give you a stimulating way to earn a living.

Living in a panty fetish globe

Living in a panty fetish globe is one of the best ways of guaranteeing that you will always be economically stable. Promoting used under garments has transcribed as one of the most profitable internet companies, and Men can now engage in a globe loaded with attractive under garments to stimulate their inner most sex-related wishes, give remarkable orgasms and present you to a whole new sex of promoting used under garments on the internet. Many individuals are out there who would love to be in an ownership of used under garments especially for women. This business has on gone to recognition with the latest increase in demand of unclean used under garments. There are many websites all over the globe that you can use to offer you’re used under garments. Usually customers have inspiration and effective sex-related stimulate when buying used underwear. You simply have to subscribe and provide your current email address. You also have the benefit of using an attractive or alluring user name which can easily withdraw the eyes paintballs of your male or lovers alternatives. The best way to promote your fetish is to go along with them with your images. Nudity sales, release your inner goddess, display your sex attraction and be pleasantly preferred by fetish customers looking for a very sexy girl in attractive hot under garments. Share in the excitement, the euphoria, and the extreme sex-related explosions that stay, when you become a part of the used panty market. Offer special requirements to keep the interest of your fetish customers, who search for highest possible fulfillment from vision and feel of attractive used under garments. Then take some attractive images and publish video clips of yourself dressed in those attractive under garments. You will create the most fascinating sexual encounter there is to be experienced. Attract your customers into a globe of intimately extreme blast, explosions that are extreme, hot and warm, and designed to take them to the atmosphere. Entertain their thoughts with proposition hits and slowly caress to the whole body, griping their attention to how intimately attractive you are in those attractive under garments. Sell used panties in excess by; including video clips with slowly attractive dances to demonstrate panties designs and how they hug the whole body. Some individuals would purchase under garments you used during your monthly periods, during your last sex sexual activity to be able to stimulate their sex-related fulfillment and totally use them for self pleasure. The fetish for used under garments has become extremely popular to so many individuals in the sex world.