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It is very important to do research into any website’s sales restrictions, as many websites ban the sales of what they consider “adult” materials, or relegate these items to an “adults only” section of the website, which frequently carries an extra charge to create a listing. The major auction and selling websites, such as Craigslist and Ebay, have many restrictions on selling adult items, and while both websites have adults only sections, it is against Ebay rules to sell used undergarments. Although any such listings will be flagged by Ebay and removed immediately, it is once again advisable to consult a seasoned Ebay user who sells undergarments in the adults only section. Ebay, for example, will allow the listing of a used bra, but will remove the listing of used panties. In addition, the website has strict restrictions on the cleaning and handling of such items before shipping, and a veteran seller can help the new seller interpret these standards properly. is sometimes considered the easier place to start, as there are quite a few listings showing up for used panties, and many sellers report a good deal of success through this website. Once again, however, it is important to check the website for its particular details regarding the sales of these kinds of items. Craigslist lists in its restricted items, “Used bedding and clothing, unless sanitized in accordance with law.” A listing advertising used panties may be flagged and taken down if deemed inappropriate or unsanitary in any way. Again, it may be wise to consult a veteran seller or local laws, as Craigslist itself has undergone many changes over the past few years in an effort to combat complaints of listing deemed inappropriate or illegal.

For those looking for an easier used underwear selling experience, there is a website called, a site that boasts the ability to buy and sell the kinds of adult items that the major sellers, Ebay and Craigslist, do not allow. Though Ebanned charges a fee for listing items in an auction or for sale, they have no restrictions on any listings of used undergarments. The only real disadvantage to this particular site is that there are many listings for the exact same kinds of items, so the listing will go up alongside a host of other sellers offering used panties as well. This, along with the fees the site charges for various services such as larger headlines, makes it a little more difficult to earn money. For new sellers, competing in a well established market against veteran sellers may be a difficult. but not impossible, prospect. With the demand for used undergarments on the internet extremely high, sales can be good with a little work.



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Even for people with day jobs, the internet can be an great source for easy money, and this is no different for people wishing to sell used panties online. There are countless resources to help the beginner get started in this market. It may be tempting to start immediately by buying a domain name and establishing a personal website, but this can be an expensive and time consuming process that initially may not pay off as the seller might hope. It may be best to start simply, by going to an established selling website, such as pantydeal, mups, pantybid or usedpantyportal, and starting there.

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Any of these large sale and auction sites can be used with a little careful research, however, if you are willing to do a little work and spend a little more money, a personal website may be the best way to make sales. Once again, the internet is a vast resource for this, with many websites dedicated to worn pantie sales. Quite a few of these sites offer services in helping the first time seller, as well as tips and tricks for making sales.

An excellent website to visit when starting is the Pantydeal toplist.  This is a webring that gathers together a group of sites selling used panties, and is an excellent resource with which to start. Another site to visit for the first time seller is, a website developed by an experienced seller of used panties, which is intended to help the first time seller, as well as a resource to promote keeping the industry honest and safe. There are articles on breaking into the market, as well as valuable interviews with veteran sellers. In addition to these websites, is another massive resource of information on buying and selling used panties. Taking advantage of any one of these websites can help the beginning seller a long way in breaking into the market. They help the seller to learn about various verification programs and techniques to keep the buying and selling process as safe as possible.


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The first vital piece of information for the first time seller to remember is that people paying money for used panties are looking for authentically used clothing. Customers of this particular market are driven more by fragrance than anything else, and it is exceptionally important that the item for sale retain the body odors from its use. A general tip for anyone looking to sell used underwear is to allow the garment to be worn for heavy usage during a variety of activities, sexual and otherwise, and as soon as the garment is removed, it needs to be well sealed in an airtight container, preferably a zippered baggie or plastic container of some kind. It is vital that the garment not be washed after use, or the value of the item will be decreased greatly, or it may not sell at all. Clothing that is laundered simply becomes secondhand clothing in the buyer’s eyes, and the value, charm, and draw of the used panties is erased.