How to Make Cash with Your Worn Knickers

There is a saying that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. While this saying may be a bit trite, there is some strong truth to this statement that can help you to earn some quick cash by taking a look around your room. If you are like most people, you most likely have a few piles of laundry just sitting around your room. Maybe even, the bulk of your laundry is made up of dirty knickers that you just have not gotten around to taking to the laundry mat. Did you know that you can turn those dirty knickers into money? Yes, that is right. You are literally sitting on a gold mine. If you are interested in turning something you wear every day into a quick way to make some money, here are the best ways to get started.

Develop an Identity
Selling your knickers may be a great way to turn dirty laundry into money, but your new career may not be something you want to advertise to everyone you know. Just in case your neighbor or professor might be shopping for knickers, you will want to create a new persona that you can use to sell your underwear online.

Set Up a Secure Payment System
Once you have your identity worked out, complete with a screen name and email address, you will be ready to establish a secure payment system. Since you cannot just have someone send a check to your home address, the best method for this is to utilize a secure payment company online such as Paypal. After getting your account set up, you will be ready to begin your new knicker selling business.

Spin Your Story
When you are selling your knickers, you are also selling a fantasy. Therefore, create a story that will capture your target audience’s attention. Are you a struggling college student who just happens to have a lot of pretty panties? Or maybe you are a sexy athlete or loves knowing that her dirty knickers can provide someone pleasure. Whatever your story may be, be sure to come up with a sexy picture that can help your customer’s visualize the fantasy.

Wear Out Your Knickers
The best part of selling your knickers is that you can enjoy constantly updating your wardrobe with new pairs to wear out. Before shopping, be sure to check out what fetish lovers are ordering. For example, some people prefer lacy panties while others prefer white cotton knickers. Then, wear them jogging or sleep in them for the night, and enjoy knowing that you are going to make money from simply wearing a new pair of knickers each day.

Place Your Ad
Once you have established your identity and come up with a few pairs of dirty knickers, you will be ready to begin finding your customers. Believe it or not, you should not have to wait long because smelly knickers are a hot commodity in the online fetish market. If you would like, you can check for advertisements in which people list their desire for used garments. If this skeeves you out a bit, then an easier and safer way to cash in on your dirty knickers is to sell them to a company such as Online Fetish Lover where they can interact with the customers and provide you with quick cash.

Sell, Ship and Cash In
After you have found your favorite method for selling your knickers, all you will need to do is keep shipping new sets. To seal the smell, pack your knickers in a plastic bag and ship as soon as you can after wearing. Then, collect your money and enjoy knowing that you have made some quick cash from selling something that could have easily been thrown away. The best part of the whole deal is that you can keep cashing in as long as you have fresh pairs of worn out knickers to sell.

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Student Sells Used Panties To Panty Fetish for $180

We are living in touch economic times these days, and this hurts students in more crushing ways. For example, students are working 40-100 hours on average, and that leaves very little to no time for a conventional job. Further, it is nearly impossible for some students to sacrifice their school work in order to work a low-wage job. To be sure, minimum wage will barely cover their food costs. If this is the case, then what are the alternatives?

For a student by the name of Linda Loo, she has found an alternative and unconventional way of earning cash. What she does is sells her dirty panties, socks and assorted clothes to high paying customers. In fact, Linda Loo or LL, even has her own website to boot. Essentially, LL is pandering to the foot and clothes fetish underground. Furthermore, LL says she can rake in somewhere between $1100 and $1600 a month. To her, this is better than a minimum wage job at a cafe, retail shop or restaurant. 

Furthermore, LL says that she would not even have time to work 15 hours a week at a normal job. The reason she got interested in this sort of job is because she saw an advertisement as she was checking her email one day. It has been a lucrative way for LL to earn cash online. Moreover, all of her orders are done privately through Paypal and she has a strict order policy online.

The rules of the game consist of no emails or private information exchanged, other than the buyers mailing address. LL uses a post office box in a nearby city. The items that she is willing to sell include panties, bras, socks, shoes, shirts and pants. Some of her clients request the items to be sweaty, stinky, bloody and other signs of wear and tear, so to speak. For the more personal items, LL says she gets closer to $300 a pop. For example, if someone asks for a pair of panties, she can fetch more than a pair of sweaty socks.

What is more, she has a strict no relationship policy where the customer cannot ask for any photographs or email addresses associated with her account. Further, it is a simple and highly strategic business model that LL follows. In addition, her name is disguised as well as her identity. She has seen other sights where there are pictures of the girls who sell the clothing. LL feels this is a deal breaker because it risks her identity. The objective is to be discreet and anonymous.

Most of LL’s clients are anonymous as well. In fact, her clients use PO boxes as well as disguised names. She says this also keeps the risk of danger down as well. One of her fears was developing a stalker or mysterious person that would harass her, however, she says this fetish underworld is relatively less insane as some of the other and more violent ones she has heard about. Above all, LL feels she is conducting a business alternative that is not comparable to prostitution or stripping.

The irony behind this business is that LL gets to buy new clothes all the time. Some of her clients are attached to the idea of her wearing and dirtying special designer clothing. So, what LL will do is cover the expenses and then charge a subsequent fee for her “service”. Despite what people think, LL claims she is providing a service in a market where there are a lot of unusual patrons for this type of fetish. Moreover, LL says that this is not an uncommon market or fetish. Some clients, she says, have asked her to photograph her feet as she removes her socks. However, she has refused offers of taking nude photographs of her private parts. LL keeps this at a rather PG level as well as anonymous.

However, although there are many sites that offer this type of business, LL chose a more restrictive and low-level risk. What that means is LL offers a non-nude and non-visual site that strictly adheres to an anonymous but satisfactory fetish website. She will sell her socks and shirts for around $75, her pants and sweatshirts for $100 as well as her bras and underwear for $250 to $325. On rare occasions she will charge extra for clothing plus photographs of her removing them, if the client requests it. She never pays for shipping and with the extra income she can eat regular, shop for things she wants and pays her rent. In addition, LL says if she builds her clientele over the next year, she will be able to pull in even more money. In the end, her goal is to be financial stable until she is done with school. To be sure, this is a temporary way for her to make money, that will end within the next two years.