The fetish of used panties

In the current world, the fetish of used panties has become a common phenomenon. Fetish varies from one person to another. There is a high trend in the sniffing of used panties by men nowadays since an attraction exists as they exhibit an erotic fragrance. Any man who is highly romantic will have the zeal to smell the panty as a sign of passion.

To buy used panties can be advantageous to most men when used panties come in the garment exhibit such as hormonal stimulating fragrance that the foreplay is easily achieved. Realization of fantasies becomes real for men when used panties are made as visual aids especially to the most romantic ones. In order to buy used panties, several factors have to be put in consideration which include its size, color and whether the person buying is comfortable with it.

Earning money with worn panties is an easy task especially when you have many customers who have great interest in them. Selling clothes to fetishists as a major way of earning money has been widely practiced today. Pretty women are engaged in selling clothes to fetishists and in return it is a special way to them in earning money. Most men are willing to buy used panties from this women and sell them to others. This site will offer the best opportunity for people who are ready to start selling clothes to fetishists and also for those who want to buy used panties. It is important for a good relationship to exist between the customer and the person selling worn panties. This relationship is a great determinant in earning money in this business.

The site is basically to serve as panty fetishists’ network. Regular updates will be made on the site regarding used panties and the persons involved in the same. Men are mostly involved in the buying of used panties and it is not an extraordinary thing at all. Selling clothes to fetishists has become a common means of earning money. This site will enable you to compare and make the best choice from the various categories that will be provided. To buy used panties from this site will be an easy task as less time will be used and delivery of the items will be on time. Prior arrangements with the person selling used panties will make you have variety of what’s new in the panty scene.


Selling used panties step by step

A Step by Step Guide to sell panties online

A Guide to sell used panties

There are many avid used panty fetishists who have continuously provided a profitable market for worn panties. Basically, such men find it enticing to buy used panties in that the material and scent of this undergarment gets them aroused. Also, the fact that they are able to connect with the seller makes their fantasy more realistic.


Selling used panties is easy:

Many women who dedicate their time to selling used panties can make as much as $400 a month or more through sites such as Pantydeal; so if you wish to earn money selling underwear, here’s how to go about it.

Step 1: Buy some sexy panties that men will like

Panty fetishists have different tastes; some men like thongs and G-strings, while others prefer bikinis and boy shorts. Therefore, you need to buy a selection of these in a variety of colors so you are well prepared to meet customer orders. Some of the ideal fabric options to go for include cotton, satin and polyester.

Step 2: Fulfill fetish buyers’ demands and needs by wearing the panties

Before you get to sell used underwear, you need to put them on to meet client requests. Many men will ask for panties that you have worn as you go about your daily activities, since these will soak up a natural scent that they find stimulating. Still, other men will request for stained panties, though this doesn’t mean that the panties should be very dirty, just slightly worn. You should also expect demands for panties that you have used while exercising or doing other things.

Step 3: Take some sexy pics and videos of you wearing panties

Photos and videos help establish authenticity for the panties, and this is why you need to take a have a number of them. To get it right, you should get a good quality camera so that you incorporate clear and sexy photos that will capture your clients’ attention and give them an idea of what to expect. You can always take the photos from the neck down if you want to keep things discrete, though it’s up to you to decide on how much anonymity you wish to maintain.

Step 4: Post them on Pantydeal and start your business

When you have your photos and used panties ready, you are set to start making money selling used panties online. You just need to sign up on Pantydeal, (click here to learn how in this post) post your best pics, chat with clients to find out what they would like and then do your best to fulfill those orders.

Unwashed stinky panties available with reasonable prices

Trendy used and unwashed sexy panties in style. Unwashed stinky panties available with reasonable prices depending on how stinky it is. Most of these underwear are worn by varsity students, college students and old women’s. Some of them were used for a day, days, weeks or months. These panties are available in different shapes, colours and sizes depending on your preferable choice. Most of them were worn through the whole night when the body is more relaxed. All the juices will penetrate to the underwear through the night. There are different types of exercises that were done while these unwashed panties worn including jogging, long trip traveling, gyming, walking and more.

These panties are worn by older woman, young woman, mom, big or skinny people. Buying and sniffing unwashed stinky underwear is more fashionable. Placing unwashed panties in a close plastic bag keeps them fresh and smelling good all the time. Most of these unwashed panties are photographed and video recorded while they being worn . These worn stinky panties may last you for days. Some of these unwashed underwear were worn by women’s when their are on their periods. Some of these periods may be going for weeks or months. Used panties maybe be used by women’s who are not less then 18 years of age.

Also some of these underwear were worn for past few years and they were placed where there is no airspace. Unwashed panties are available world wild you may also find them online. Unwashed panties may be sold to people of any gender. Used stinky panties with a heavy stinky juices may last for days without keeping them in a close plastic bag or box. All used panties may be available at all times no specification. Some these stinky sexy panties were worn by women who are over weight. Over weighted people may also have more stinky juices from their unwashed panties because they eating too much food. Women’s who drinking lots of fluid they liked produce more fresh smelling good juices.

Unwashed underwear may be kept in a washing basket for days but the smell will still remain same. All used patients be available in different style including bikini, boyshort, thong , tanga, classic brief and more. All the unwashed underwear they always new and in good condition. Most these panties are worn by women’s who enjoys sweating every day.

Sniffing the stained panties

Buying used and unwashed panties and also sniffing the stained panties is more fashionable these days. You may buy unwashed panties from old women’s, university students, college students and high school students from the age of 18. Most of these panties they been worn for weeks or days. You may get them with a reasonable price depending on how many days has been worn. Smelling a stained panty with juices is really fantastic. Some of these panties are worn by those women’s who does lots of different exercises and they become stained. It may be a good advantage to buy one of panties because they may sticky and have more taste.

These panties are made in different style ,colour, and sizes including tanga, thong, boy short, classic brief, bikini and more depending on which taste is preferable for you. You may also keep these underwear in a close plastic bag. Putting unwashed panties in a close plastic bag it may be an advantage because they always stay fresh and smelling good. If these these panties have too much juices the stain and smell may last for days. Buying a panty with a yeast infection crust is also great. You may buy some of these panties from women’s who have been on their periods. Auction is also accessible when you buying these unwashed stained underwear.

Most of the stained sticky panties are worn over night when the body is relaxed. These panties may last for more days in your secrete bag. Some of these panties may not be washed for more than a year and they still smell good. Some of them may be worn for a morning jog, , day walk, gym and more. Saved pictures and videos of a stained panty while worn to make sure its fresh. These fresh unwashed panties are sold to people of any gender as long as you like sniffing used underwear.

The world of used panty

The world of used panty will soon grow to be a great business hub. In the recent years several clients especially men have been crowding the online market looking for used panties with exact qualities which pleases them. For example, some people feel satisfied when they buy dirty used panties, wet panties or panties with different body scent from women. The truth is that each and every woman has a unique scent on her body. This is different from her body perfume or shampoo she uses. But the natural smell that that her body uses. Some men prefer having enjoyable sex with their partners to liking their bodies due to the pleasant smells emitted from their bodies. They appreciate, admire and adore the natural scent produce by their hair, her body and most importantly everything about her body.

However, some men have got strange and alibis of smell about women and would do anything including showering her with bundles of notes just to enjoy that very special scent. These are the type of men who are crazy in love with worn panties or worn dirty or wet panties. Has a result of huge population of such clients or men in the world. It has economically exposes and improved the increase of used panty world business into a very lucrative source of income to women who are open minded. Therefore instead of tossing your worn panties in the washing basket, it is high time that you should use them generate money for you. There are clients out there who are in dare needs of them.

One thing that you should put in mind is that has you plan to join this kind of erotic business you should be very much alert. Remember that this kind of business is mainly done online and you can easily be scammed. In order to make good cash out of this business some clients will persuade you to provide them with your photos wearing those panties, tell them your menstruation history to make order or earlier booking for those panties the suggestions may be endless. Men who usually indulge in the buying of used panties normally used them for different functions. For example, some men use them for masturbation; some buy them with pictures of women wearing them and fuck them with the mentality that they having sex with the woman in picture. The good news is that recently men realized that panties worn with pregnant women have got strange scents which stimulate them faster and currently they are on a high demand.

A panty fetish is not necessarily a bad thing

It has been said that men who depend on sniffing the dirty panties of other woman to get sexually aroused is a disorder. Many people claim that if you have a fetish like this – you need help – or rather treatment. However, there are men with this fetish that would like to disagree.

A panty fetish is not necessarily a bad thing. You don’t have to be ashamed of it pr hide what you are doing – or at least, this is what most men with the fetish will say. There is an ongoing debate about the normality of not only sniffing – but enjoying the scent of discharge, urine and feces of women. People who don’t enjoy this, or depend on it to arouse them may think that this is abnormal and even disgusting.

There have been cases of young boys stealing their step mothers panties and sniffing them. This situation is debatable. Since it may come across as taboo, since the person is your step mother, some boys enjoy doing this. In some cases they are really fantasizing about another girl when they are sniffing their step mothers panties.

This so called fetish stage is what most teenage boys go through. It is normal to have raging hormones as it is normal to want to masturbate at this age. So many boys who are desperate to have a sexual experience, will sniff any dirty panty that they can get their hands on. So what may seem perverse to some people, is actually quite pleasurable for others.

This is also a great way for women to seize the opportunity and make money from their used panties. This is one business that doesn’t require inventory, storage space and minimal management. It is basically a very profitable market to enter. As long as you are marketing your goods, you should find loyal customers soon enough. Most happy customers become repeat customers. There are quite a few men who will give you instructions on what to do with the panties before sending it to them. Some will even request that you send a sexy picture or video of yourself with the dirty panties.

There is no limit to the things a human mind can conceive. So there are people in the world who fantasize about things that others cannot comprehend. The fetish world is what brings fantasy to reality. This is all good as long as no one is hurt in the process.

Different types of used panty fetish

The used panty fetish is strange but quite common nonetheless. While many people may feel that that this is a nasty or perverted activity, used panty sniffers would argue that it is simply an erotic experience. There are different types of used panty fetish and every individual will enjoy something slightly different from the next.

Most men enjoy smelling a woman’s dirty underwear. They are more commonly referred to as “panty sniffers”. Panty sniffers thrive on sniffing a ladies used and unwashed underwear. It is the scents, combined with an active imagination that gets them aroused. While some men may get off on sniffing any woman’s panties, many of them prefer to see an actual picture or video of the woman.

While there is the rare instance of a man sniffing his woman’s used panties, with her consent, most men buy dirty panties online. This is a thriving industry and quite the business opportunity for courageous women. If women are ale to identify that there is s market for a specific product and seize the opportunity, there is no telling how much money a woman can make online – selling her used and dirty panties.

The used panty fetish can tend to go to extremes. Some people are no longer satisfied with just sniffing used panties and want more out of it. This desire for more tends to extend onto the erotic fantasy world, where people start acting out the deep and intimate thoughts that run through their minds. In most cases, it may seem weird, perverted and even sick to many people, but to the panty fetish guy or girl, it is simply heaven.

While some people enjoy the smell of vaginal fluid on the used panties that they buy, there are equally as many who enjoy other smells like urine and feces on the panties. It may sound utterly disgusting to the person who doesn’t have the fetish, however, it is mandatory for many people. These people depend on panty sniffing to get aroused and ultimately have a healthy sex life.

There are so many things that can turn a person on. What works for one may not necessarily work for the other. The only way to reseal what works for you is buy trying out different things and then deciding on how it makes you feel. You may soon discover that panty sniffing is in fact what works best for you.

The Art of Sealing Panties

Why some men are panty fetishists? The answer is not that hard to find. Men become so due to a number of reasons. We have heard of fetishists who buy panties online. And there are those who steal panties too. Whatever be the case, it’d be interesting to know more about the practice.

Romantic cause

In a manner of speaking, the whole thing is romantic. A panty is indeed an apparel that stays so intimately close to a female’s most private part. As a result, it carries within it the mysterious smell that makes a female really a female. Every day, all around the world, women discard their dirty panties into a hamper. Since it is so private and intimate an apparel, it is rarely handled by any person save the woman to whom it belongs to place. So to possess a woman’s panty is as if he owns an important piece of her. This is usually done after a spot of lovemaking. The man steals the gal’s panties to keep it as an object of romance.

A keepsake

Some guys want to keep the treasured objects as a keepsake. Such a guy wants to carry his lover’s intimate smell with him. It has been scientifically proved that smell can be a potent sexual tool. It is said that pheromones secreted by sweat glands can give rise to sexual reactions. Certain panty thieves want to steal a few panties belonging to the one woman he lust after. So that woman’s panties are special objects for his intimate attention as it is something extra special as far as he is concerned.

Stealing panties can be highly exciting to some. There have been even news stories of males getting caught in the very act of filching panties of their neighbors. Laundromats often post warning signs concerning panty theft from among their wash.

Many things can drive a man to pilfer panties; it might be because they were worn by the girl who is the object of his affections, the intimate scent of the thing, or just the kick he got out of stealing them. Whatever it is that compels a man to steal panties, it all boils down to the fact that he is a prey to sexual fantasies.

Pantyhose fetishism

Panty fetishism is essentially sexual fetishism that has to do with undergarments. There are persons who undergo sexual excitement in the following situations:

Merely by handling or just observing, certain types of underwear.
While wearing, some types of underwear.
When handling or observing certain kinds of underwear used by another person
Seeing someone in the act of either putting on, or taking off of underwear.
Looking at electronic or printed material that illustrates underwear.


Panty fetishism is a mental condition termed paraphilia where a person eroticizes panties or other kind of underwear. This can involve the sharing of electronic/printed material showing exposure of panties, or direct physical contact with panties. Like most other fetishes, the condition appears either during childhood or adolescence

Pantyhose fetishism

A pantyhose fetishist might engage in stocking fetishism too, as the latter has a sheer silky aspect as well as appeal of the former. However, most males have distinct fetishistic attraction for pantyhose rather than stockings because unlike stockings, as it is in direct and intimate contact with the female vagina and this is especially true when women are wearing dresses or skirts.

Pantyhose fetishism can appear in any of the following ways:

Wearing pantyhose by one or both partners while sexual intercourse is going on.
Some males wear pantyhose either when or sexually aroused.
Increased arousal or sexual interest in watching, admiring and experiencing women wearing pantyhose.
Collecting and viewing porn photographs, or video of amateur and professional models sporting pantyhose.
A male or female encased in a pantyhose.

A youth is affected by pantyhose fetishism during his formative years by seeing a female who is close to him such as a family member, neighbor, teacher or family friend.

There are various degrees and sub-categories of pantyhose fetishism, that are too numerous to mention and it can appear together with other kinds of fetishes, making a person’s fetishes rather unique.

Living in a panty fetish world

Living in a panty fetish world is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that you will always be financially stable. The economy is always fluctuating and you cannot depend on it as your only source of survival. It is therefore very important to explore all the available opportunities for survival and making money before they fly away. While setting your own business may be the next solution for this it is still difficult when you think of the issue of capital. However, you not be worried for this since as a young college student or die hard hustler you can indulge in the selling of used panties to enjoy the profits from the fetish world.
If by now you are not aware that this kinds of business exist, one thing you should know is that fetish business has many players and the number keeps on improving day by day. Many people are out there who would love to be in a possession of used panties especially for women. This business has continued to gain popularity with the recent increase in demand of dirty used panties. There are many websites all over the world that you can use to sell your used panties. In fact you even have the privilege of starting your own website for this sexy business hub. The great things with those websites are that clients have motivation and active sexual arouse when buying used undergarment.
The procedure of starting the business is very simple. You simply have to sign up, provide your email address and memorable password. You also have the privilege of using a sexy or seductive user name which can easily withdraws the eyes balls of your male or admirers counterparts. The panties are always available in different shapes, sizes, colors and most importantly the smell especially for the category of the dirty used panties.
When coming up with this kind of business transaction, a woman should think hard about what she desire at end of it. The best way to advertise your fetish is to accompany them with your pictures. Remember that nudity sales. Just try to figure out how many profits if all seductive eyes visiting your online business fall in love with your pictures. When you find yourself in this situation then you should be much ready for many good things a head. Some people would order for panties you wore during your menstruation, during your last sex intercourse in order to arouse their sexual fulfillment and strictly use them for masturbation.