It has been said that men who depend on sniffing the dirty panties of other woman to get sexually aroused is a disorder. Many people claim that if you have a fetish like this – you need help – or rather treatment. However, there are men with this fetish that would like to disagree.

A panty fetish is not necessarily a bad thing. You don’t have to be ashamed of it pr hide what you are doing – or at least, this is what most men with the fetish will say. There is an ongoing debate about the normality of not only sniffing – but enjoying the scent of discharge, urine and feces of women. People who don’t enjoy this, or depend on it to arouse them may think that this is abnormal and even disgusting.

There have been cases of young boys stealing their step mothers panties and sniffing them. This situation is debatable. Since it may come across as taboo, since the person is your step mother, some boys enjoy doing this. In some cases they are really fantasizing about another girl when they are sniffing their step mothers panties.

This so called fetish stage is what most teenage boys go through. It is normal to have raging hormones as it is normal to want to masturbate at this age. So many boys who are desperate to have a sexual experience, will sniff any dirty panty that they can get their hands on. So what may seem perverse to some people, is actually quite pleasurable for others.

This is also a great way for women to seize the opportunity and make money from their used panties. This is one business that doesn’t require inventory, storage space and minimal management. It is basically a very profitable market to enter. As long as you are marketing your goods, you should find loyal customers soon enough. Most happy customers become repeat customers. There are quite a few men who will give you instructions on what to do with the panties before sending it to them. Some will even request that you send a sexy picture or video of yourself with the dirty panties.

There is no limit to the things a human mind can conceive. So there are people in the world who fantasize about things that others cannot comprehend. The fetish world is what brings fantasy to reality. This is all good as long as no one is hurt in the process.