Soiled Panties for Sale

The used panty industry is becoming increasingly popular. There are now just as many women prepared to sell their used panties – as there are men prepared to buy them. The phenomena with soiled panties will remain a mystery for many individuals, however, for those who understand the fetish behind it, it all makes perfect business sense.


Soiled Panties Fetish

Soiled panties for Sale - men love sniffing dirty undies...


Men who have this fetish, depend on sniffing soiled panties in order to become aroused. Many of these men cannot even have normal sexual experiences, unless it involves sniffing a woman’s panties.

Soiled panties and where you can get them

Although this may seem like a weird or perverted infatuation with a woman’s most intimate piece of clothing, it is actually quite normal. Men with this fetish, tend to join sites like where they are able to browse through a list of soiled panties as well as their sellers online. It is important that men get to see the actual seller and make some type of connection with them, before buying the used panty. This makes the experience even more real. Men are visual beings and most of their decisions are influenced by the images that they see before them. They love to buy soiled panties or sexy underwear as it is a turn on for them.

The Panty Fetish is a huge business

If you would like to become a used panty seller, it could prove to be a very lucrative business for you. The soiled panty selling business is one of the few that do not require stocking up on inventory. It also does not require any storage space and there is no such thing as “out of stock”. This makes an extremely profitable business, where you actually get to keep 100% of the profit. Selling panties can also be done on your own website and you can promote it through the Website. Alternatively, you are welcome to advertise your used goodies in the classifieds section of Pantydeal. The Site also allows you to register a free account with them, before you start selling your licking dirty undies. Feel free to upload as many pictures of soiled panties as you would like.


Where can I buy used panties online?

Buying used panties online means that you are being practical and wise in satisfying your fetish.

buy used undies online

Like sniffing panties ? Find out where to buy them.

They may be quite expensive but they are worth the price and you should not be ashamed if you plan to buy used panties. Nobody apart from your seller will know that your panties had been worn before.

Sites like Pantydeal for example offers an exclusive panty buying experience and a wide range of sellers a panty types to choose from. The used panties tend to attract more men and women who have a panty sniffing fetish.


Rules to keep in mind when buying wet panties

On, you will get different panties that are made from different materials, brands and have different styles. Although a brand name may not be a primary concern, it is wise to consider brand since some brands tend to have better quality panties than others. This will ensure that you get a long lasting panty that you can use for longer or sniff on longer.

Make a clear and safe deal

if you plan to buy used underwear, you are required to join and register an account at to ensure that the transactions are smooth and efficient. This is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller since they are protected from illegal internet activities. Additionally, the website offers different payment systems and as the buyer, you are free to choose the system that you are comfortable with.

Choose a style that you like

This would mainly affect buyers who prefer to sniff panties. If you want to get the best fantasies and fulfill your fetish in a unique way, you must consider the style. There are different styles from simple to exquisite ones. go for a panty style that excites form just looking at it. Then you can also tell the seller how long to wear it and what you want them to do with the undies.


Buying used panties should be a personal choice. However, try not to use all your money on used underwear.


Selling used panties step by step

A Step by Step Guide to sell panties online

A Guide to sell used panties

There are many avid used panty fetishists who have continuously provided a profitable market for worn panties. Basically, such men find it enticing to buy used panties in that the material and scent of this undergarment gets them aroused. Also, the fact that they are able to connect with the seller makes their fantasy more realistic.


Selling used panties is easy:

Many women who dedicate their time to selling used panties can make as much as $400 a month or more through sites such as Pantydeal; so if you wish to earn money selling underwear, here’s how to go about it.

Step 1: Buy some sexy panties that men will like

Panty fetishists have different tastes; some men like thongs and G-strings, while others prefer bikinis and boy shorts. Therefore, you need to buy a selection of these in a variety of colors so you are well prepared to meet customer orders. Some of the ideal fabric options to go for include cotton, satin and polyester.

Step 2: Fulfill fetish buyers’ demands and needs by wearing the panties

Before you get to sell used underwear, you need to put them on to meet client requests. Many men will ask for panties that you have worn as you go about your daily activities, since these will soak up a natural scent that they find stimulating. Still, other men will request for stained panties, though this doesn’t mean that the panties should be very dirty, just slightly worn. You should also expect demands for panties that you have used while exercising or doing other things.

Step 3: Take some sexy pics and videos of you wearing panties

Photos and videos help establish authenticity for the panties, and this is why you need to take a have a number of them. To get it right, you should get a good quality camera so that you incorporate clear and sexy photos that will capture your clients’ attention and give them an idea of what to expect. You can always take the photos from the neck down if you want to keep things discrete, though it’s up to you to decide on how much anonymity you wish to maintain.

Step 4: Post them on Pantydeal and start your business

When you have your photos and used panties ready, you are set to start making money selling used panties online. You just need to sign up on Pantydeal, (click here to learn how in this post) post your best pics, chat with clients to find out what they would like and then do your best to fulfill those orders.


Starting up your Panty selling Business!

Selling your used Panties online for extra money

When starting up your Panty selling Business, like in any endeavour, it is imperative to know who your customers are prior to specifying the items put on sale. Join a good online platform such as Pantydeal to aid the way to success in the panty business. There are a lot of men who are ready to spend cash on used pair of ladies underwear and several women are selling used panties online to add extra income. It is a very profitable business for women who are comfortable and need cash. Initially you may find the mere idea unappetizing, but is a genius way to make cash off panty-sniffing men. It is absolutely legitimate and a fair way to make money. If one starts on her own and communicates directly with the buyers, they may start to get weird.

The easy way to make some extra money: Selling used Panties

Pandydeal is a comfortable and convenient forum that can help women earn up to $400 or more every month. The price for selling used panties can go up based on how hot ladies can look in the pictures and how much clients like the panties and offers good reviews. It works very well for women who do it and the better the “item” is, the longer women are here with the profits going northwards. In fact there are women who are able to make an extra $500 on gently worn undies. It is possible for some to live a very comfortable life off panty sales through the website. It is almost like making money with no need to wash delicates. There may be some who consider selling panties as perverse, but it is not going that far. It may seem odd but there are men out there who get high on sniffing used ladies’ panties. Everyone gets their kicks in diverse ways!

What you need to start up your Panty selling Business:

Starting up your own panty business may look tough initially, but the key for success is the correct platform, patience and continuous innovative actions. With the right kind of pictures and quality items, girls can enjoy the best in this unique underwear business. A safe way of profitable used panty business is when women partner with Pantydeal.


How much can I earn selling Panties?

Most young women especially those still at the University find it hard to juggle their financial affairs while keeping a grip on their education, and hence are constantly seeking means of earning extra money. Unfortunately there might not be many viable ways of doing this, and hence most of these ladies result to ingenious ways of making ends meet. Take for instance, the huge craze over selling panties online.

This trade offers an excellent way of making extra cash, and all it needs is being open minded, and possessing some striking underwear that will pique the interest of the buyers. These are naturally men that are fascinated and have fetishes for used panties. This is all legal and perfectly safe as most of these men would not ordinarily be keen to meet the seller, but are perfectly willing to cough up good money to meet access your worn panties.

How to start your own Panty selling Business

Setting up such a business is naturally extremely easy thanks to the internet, and there is a plethora of third party fetish websites like Pantydeal that can accommodate such ladies, which gives them the right exposure to the targeted clientele. Some of the most successful used panties sellers have naturally deemed it fit to set up on Pantydeal.

With a little investment of alluring panties, and of course discrete pictures of such individuals wearing them, most of these ladies take home an upwards of $380 per month, with most individual panties retailing for about $15- $4. This naturally depends on the impression such ladies make on their clients, and well endowed sellers rapidly establish a loyal customer base, that ensures the money keep on trickling into their pockets.

Things you need to get started selling Panties

Naturally, there are a few basic requirements to start selling panties online, and these include a genuine postal address and an online payment account such as Paypal or
Payoneer, which naturally protects the personal info of their users. The clients usually relay their addresses to such ladies, which makes shipping the goods infinitely convenient.

Like earlier stated it is vital for anyone interested in such activities to include realistic but nevertheless discrete photos preferably from neck down, which goes a long way in marketing such wares. Thus should one be desperately in need of extra money, this kind of a business can be heaven sent and all it takes is being open-minded.

Worn panties from a vending machine – A japanese Myth?

In the land of the rising sun drinks and snacks can be drawn at each corner from a vending machine. They embody the wealth, but also the service concept in a highly developed society. But not only edible products can be found in these vending machines. You can also purchase your daily horoscope, disposable cameras or straight out Smut here. Basically, one is not dependent at all on a supermarket in Japan.

Since the early 90s, however, there is a persistent rumor that says that the Japanese can even satisfy their odor-fetishism approaching a vending machine. Thus, young girls‘ worn panties and bras are being offered here in a wide range of products.It is a fact that these machines really have been used for the first time in 1993. It was the idea of resourceful business people who winded a gold mine in the smell fetishism of their countrymen. However, there was a problem: the excited buyers were suddenly disappointed when they retreated actually worn panties from a “Vending Machine” and realized that the panties did not spread the fragrance of hot girls, because they had previously been washed.

In te end the machines were removed quickly, because the owners had apparently sold these second-hand goods without proper licenses. One can certainly not check, whether there are slip-machines still standing around somewhere in Godzilla’s home, or if all that shall be filed under the heading “Urban Legend”. Nevertheless, a spark of hope remains: some people claim that such machines are still in use. Even evidence photos were spotted on the internet. Furthermore, there are indications, even though contradictory ones, about the price of a worn panties from vending machines. They move from 50 cents to 40 euro per piece.