Should you get paid before wearing used panties?

Earning more in less time has always been a dream of the humans; people have always looked out for shortcuts for earning easy money. There is a new shortcut in market these days that pays people for wearing an old, already used, panties.

Earning more in less time

Earning more cash in less time when selling undies

People are usually promised to be paid to wear used panties after they wear it. As per our topic ,should that person get paid first or he should be paid after wearing that panty? People spend thousands of dollars from different parts of world to buy used panties from online websites. It’s a growing business, and tends to set new records soon. People have diverse fantasies and they tend to purchase sex toys and used panties to fulfill their desires. There is wide range of customers for panties, Some like the stuff that it’s made up of, where, Some people like to buy pussy stained panties, whereas, others like to jerk off in panties.

Earning more in less time with your underwear

The internet world has made everything to sell and buy easy, there are plenty of sites available for purchasing, the best panty sites online even let you select a model that would dance for you in her panties and then send you those panties with her video thru mail, these websites have recurring customers that makes this a successful business and the owners of those businesses keep a check of the user reviews and bring in more models and innovative ideas to increase their customer retention because, a recurring panty buyer will pay more if he gets what he wants. There are no freebies allowed on those websites, as you have to pay if you want the panties. On the other hand, people believe it to be a scam that takes your money and provides you with nothing; they believe it’s a waste of money and time.

How to be a professional escort

Joining an escort business might be a very lucrative career choice for you. However, like any other career, success will only come from hard work and dedication. If you expect positive outcome, you must have the right tools for the job.

Fashion shoot of a young and sexy woman in lingerie

What it takes to be a professional escort

The first thing you should have upon starting escort career is professional photos. These photos play a very crucial role in emphasising on your quality. Take some pictures of yourself; upload them for your clients in an online profile on a website. Ensure you follow the comments and reply to your client when need be. These comments allow you know what clients are looking for and the type of adjustments you should make to remain relevant in the market. Have a supportive behaviour and good attitude to meet the demands of your client. Actually, frankness and positive personality is the think that most clients love, thus it will be very easy for you get clients with this kind of attitude.

Promote yourself

Develop catchy profile by uploading sexy pictures and videos. Clients love to see these sexy pictures and videos. Name a price that distinguishes you from competitors. A lower price will force your customers to question the quality of services you offer, while very high price will make them shy away. So, price your services carefully. Personal safety is very important issue for professional escorts. Ensure you are safe by screening before you choose your customer. Provide services in secure locations and request to see photo ID from clients to be sure they are the person you want to deal with or check the client’s information against their backlist database. Learn these 4 ways from your agency: the basics of your safety, protection against sexual diseases, client’s satisfaction and how you will get your money.


In Conclusion:


Know what to do when your customer turns violent. Know how to demand and ensure the client wear protection. Know what it includes to be with a client; don’t discuss clients with other clients or somebody else. Avoid prying into the private life of your client. Learn to be patient and avoid poaching other people’s clients. By carefully taking into account the tipps discussed here, you will automatically become a professional escort.


Where can I buy used panties online?

Buying used panties online means that you are being practical and wise in satisfying your fetish.

buy used undies online

Like sniffing panties ? Find out where to buy them.

They may be quite expensive but they are worth the price and you should not be ashamed if you plan to buy used panties. Nobody apart from your seller will know that your panties had been worn before.

Sites like Pantydeal for example offers an exclusive panty buying experience and a wide range of sellers a panty types to choose from. The used panties tend to attract more men and women who have a panty sniffing fetish.


Rules to keep in mind when buying wet panties

On, you will get different panties that are made from different materials, brands and have different styles. Although a brand name may not be a primary concern, it is wise to consider brand since some brands tend to have better quality panties than others. This will ensure that you get a long lasting panty that you can use for longer or sniff on longer.

Make a clear and safe deal

if you plan to buy used underwear, you are required to join and register an account at to ensure that the transactions are smooth and efficient. This is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller since they are protected from illegal internet activities. Additionally, the website offers different payment systems and as the buyer, you are free to choose the system that you are comfortable with.

Choose a style that you like

This would mainly affect buyers who prefer to sniff panties. If you want to get the best fantasies and fulfill your fetish in a unique way, you must consider the style. There are different styles from simple to exquisite ones. go for a panty style that excites form just looking at it. Then you can also tell the seller how long to wear it and what you want them to do with the undies.


Buying used panties should be a personal choice. However, try not to use all your money on used underwear.


naughty boys wearing ladies lingerie

Hello all you naughty boys and girls, it’s Gemma your sexy newsreader back with another update on all the latest horny lingerie gossip. I’ve got my freshly washed flirty little pink pantie and bra set on under my serious pinstripe business dress and I keep pushing my glasses up my nose in a flirtatious and teasing way.
Do you love wandering through the lingerie section of a big department store, getting excited by all the underwear on display? Six lingerie stores in Saudi Arabia have been closed down by the authorities for taking on male sales staff instead of women. Those lucky fellas must have had a dream job handing all those skimpy knickers to sexy dark skinned women in the dressing rooms, mustn’t they? And can you imagine how horny those Arab women are with their silky seamed stockings, figure hugging panties, lacy bras and high heeled shoes hidden underneath their burkas. It’s every lingerie fetishists wet dream!
Baci Lingerie are on their way to California to take part in a trade show in Los Angeles with a steamy new collection that is guaranteed to get pantie lovers hot under the collar – the Dreams 2 Line includes a series of erotic uniforms such as the classic naughty maid and a plus size collection. Imagine all that white cotton and silk against the curvy figure of a larger lady, her big breasts spilling over the top of her cups. I’m getting all moist and slippery just sitting here in my chair thinking about it.
Maybe wearing ladies lingerie gives you a real kick and you could purchase some of these larger items for your own pleasure without anyone guessing that those silky french knickers are for pulling up tight against your own body.
You can get the essence of lingerie in a perfume now with the Eaux de Lingerie scent which was released recently by Guerlain. The scent is to be sprayed on delicate silky panties, nylons and teddies, evoking a heady and sensual smell that will intoxicate your senses.
I’ve sprayed some on my own underwear today and I’d love to get up close beside you, pressing my firm breast into your arm and allowing the wonderful fragrance to fill your nostrils. Can you imagine the wonderful warm bouquet in your nose? Or maybe you’d like me to remove my soft pink panties and hold them to your face?


Used Knickers

Like many fetishes, the taboo surrounding the used knickers fetish is part of the excitement. Men often develop their fetishes for knickers from a young age, stealing and enjoying them surreptitiously, gazing at lingerie catalogs and fantasizing about them in private moments. These men’s fetishes only intensify as they get older. The thrill of taking knickers and keeping them, but being unable to reveal the secret to anyone else, gives men a highly erotic experience that is usually formative, shaping their sexuality and desires.

Lingerie is highly eroticized in media. Films and television programmes often show women stripped down to their knickers and bras in steamy scenes that are often all young men in their adolescence have access to, and the erotic images of women undressing become firmly associated in men’s minds with the lingerie itself. The thin fabric, the last bit of clothing concealing her from the viewer’s gaze, becomes an erotic object itself because of the feelings of arousal, fascination and frustration it causes. This association is often impossible to separate as men get older, and the lingerie and knickers themselves are as desirable as the women who wear them.

The women who wear knickers and send them to men get as much pleasure as the men receiving the knickers do. While they are wearing them, the women think about the men who are to receive the knickers, choosing knickers that the men find desirable and pleasuring themselves while wearing them. Although these transactions usually occur over the Internet, there is a deeply personal aspect to it that excites women, many of whom become aroused at the idea of a complete stranger receiving her used knickers and gaining sexual satisfaction from them.

In a way, this fetish has an aspect of exhibitionism for the women who send their used knickers to men. These women lead entirely normal lives while wearing the knickers they are going to send to men, keeping it a secret from most of the people who know them. They send their most intimate garments to men who cannot get enough of them, but who will usually never see them in person or even in any photos that the woman does not choose to send to them. The power dynamics that women experience in their daily lives are completely reversed, giving them all of the control over what the men see and what they receive.

Why used knickers in particular when there is so much pornography on the Internet for free? Many men are not aroused by images on a screen because it is so impersonal. Watching pornography does not feel like sex. Pornography cannot replicate the scents of women and the feelings and arousal they invoke. Used knickers, as women’s most intimate clothing, capture these scents. The knowledge that they were worn by real women, often women whom the men have had some communication with, is much more arousing to men than the detached and almost clinical camera angles in modern pornography. Men who enjoy used knickers are more attracted to the images they form in their imaginations.

When men buy used knickers from women, they are buying much more than the knickers themselves. Women who sell them post pictures and communicate with the men through messages and webcam feeds. Some women who have regular customers even take requests on the colours and types of knickers they send and provide photos of themselves wearing them. Others may engage in domination and submission dynamics with the men who contact them, often while wearing the very knickers that they will eventually send. This allows the men to relive the memories each time they see the knickers sent to them. The idea of a woman ready and willing to do whatever she is asked or even told to do is very exciting to most men, and to receive a memento of an experience is even more arousing.

What makes used knickers so appealing and desirable varies from man to man. Many enjoy the knowledge that they have part of a woman’s life that is so intensely private that only a select few people ever see it. Others enjoy the scents and feeling of the knickers themselves, fantasizing about different colours and fabrics. Some men like certain types of knickers exclusively, such as thongs or lace, while others have no specific preference as long as they have been worn. Most men get pleasure from each of these aspects of the used knickers they receive.

The deeply personal nature of their interactions with the women who send them the knickers is usually a major part of the used knickers fetish, since there is nothing stopping men from buying knickers on their own. Many men who buy used knickers do not have much interest in knickers that are new and unused. Although they are pleasant to look at, they are not as exciting as used knickers.

The used knickers fetish seems strange to many people who are not interested in it themselves, but to the men who do enjoy used knickers, it is a core part of their sexuality and desire. Fetishes do not usually occur from a conscious choice, so embracing them is often all that fetishists can do. Most men do not feel trapped or ashamed of their fetish, but revel in the taboo and secrecy surrounding the knickers and their interactions with the women they receive them from.


Student Sells Used Panties To Panty Fetish for $180

We are living in touch economic times these days, and this hurts students in more crushing ways. For example, students are working 40-100 hours on average, and that leaves very little to no time for a conventional job. Further, it is nearly impossible for some students to sacrifice their school work in order to work a low-wage job. To be sure, minimum wage will barely cover their food costs. If this is the case, then what are the alternatives?

For a student by the name of Linda Loo, she has found an alternative and unconventional way of earning cash. What she does is sells her dirty panties, socks and assorted clothes to high paying customers. In fact, Linda Loo or LL, even has her own website to boot. Essentially, LL is pandering to the foot and clothes fetish underground. Furthermore, LL says she can rake in somewhere between $1100 and $1600 a month. To her, this is better than a minimum wage job at a cafe, retail shop or restaurant. 

Furthermore, LL says that she would not even have time to work 15 hours a week at a normal job. The reason she got interested in this sort of job is because she saw an advertisement as she was checking her email one day. It has been a lucrative way for LL to earn cash online. Moreover, all of her orders are done privately through Paypal and she has a strict order policy online.

The rules of the game consist of no emails or private information exchanged, other than the buyers mailing address. LL uses a post office box in a nearby city. The items that she is willing to sell include panties, bras, socks, shoes, shirts and pants. Some of her clients request the items to be sweaty, stinky, bloody and other signs of wear and tear, so to speak. For the more personal items, LL says she gets closer to $300 a pop. For example, if someone asks for a pair of panties, she can fetch more than a pair of sweaty socks.

What is more, she has a strict no relationship policy where the customer cannot ask for any photographs or email addresses associated with her account. Further, it is a simple and highly strategic business model that LL follows. In addition, her name is disguised as well as her identity. She has seen other sights where there are pictures of the girls who sell the clothing. LL feels this is a deal breaker because it risks her identity. The objective is to be discreet and anonymous.

Most of LL’s clients are anonymous as well. In fact, her clients use PO boxes as well as disguised names. She says this also keeps the risk of danger down as well. One of her fears was developing a stalker or mysterious person that would harass her, however, she says this fetish underworld is relatively less insane as some of the other and more violent ones she has heard about. Above all, LL feels she is conducting a business alternative that is not comparable to prostitution or stripping.

The irony behind this business is that LL gets to buy new clothes all the time. Some of her clients are attached to the idea of her wearing and dirtying special designer clothing. So, what LL will do is cover the expenses and then charge a subsequent fee for her “service”. Despite what people think, LL claims she is providing a service in a market where there are a lot of unusual patrons for this type of fetish. Moreover, LL says that this is not an uncommon market or fetish. Some clients, she says, have asked her to photograph her feet as she removes her socks. However, she has refused offers of taking nude photographs of her private parts. LL keeps this at a rather PG level as well as anonymous.

However, although there are many sites that offer this type of business, LL chose a more restrictive and low-level risk. What that means is LL offers a non-nude and non-visual site that strictly adheres to an anonymous but satisfactory fetish website. She will sell her socks and shirts for around $75, her pants and sweatshirts for $100 as well as her bras and underwear for $250 to $325. On rare occasions she will charge extra for clothing plus photographs of her removing them, if the client requests it. She never pays for shipping and with the extra income she can eat regular, shop for things she wants and pays her rent. In addition, LL says if she builds her clientele over the next year, she will be able to pull in even more money. In the end, her goal is to be financial stable until she is done with school. To be sure, this is a temporary way for her to make money, that will end within the next two years.


rules and rules and…

It is very important to do research into any website’s sales restrictions, as many websites ban the sales of what they consider “adult” materials, or relegate these items to an “adults only” section of the website, which frequently carries an extra charge to create a listing. The major auction and selling websites, such as Craigslist and Ebay, have many restrictions on selling adult items, and while both websites have adults only sections, it is against Ebay rules to sell used undergarments. Although any such listings will be flagged by Ebay and removed immediately, it is once again advisable to consult a seasoned Ebay user who sells undergarments in the adults only section. Ebay, for example, will allow the listing of a used bra, but will remove the listing of used panties. In addition, the website has strict restrictions on the cleaning and handling of such items before shipping, and a veteran seller can help the new seller interpret these standards properly. is sometimes considered the easier place to start, as there are quite a few listings showing up for used panties, and many sellers report a good deal of success through this website. Once again, however, it is important to check the website for its particular details regarding the sales of these kinds of items. Craigslist lists in its restricted items, “Used bedding and clothing, unless sanitized in accordance with law.” A listing advertising used panties may be flagged and taken down if deemed inappropriate or unsanitary in any way. Again, it may be wise to consult a veteran seller or local laws, as Craigslist itself has undergone many changes over the past few years in an effort to combat complaints of listing deemed inappropriate or illegal.

For those looking for an easier used underwear selling experience, there is a website called, a site that boasts the ability to buy and sell the kinds of adult items that the major sellers, Ebay and Craigslist, do not allow. Though Ebanned charges a fee for listing items in an auction or for sale, they have no restrictions on any listings of used undergarments. The only real disadvantage to this particular site is that there are many listings for the exact same kinds of items, so the listing will go up alongside a host of other sellers offering used panties as well. This, along with the fees the site charges for various services such as larger headlines, makes it a little more difficult to earn money. For new sellers, competing in a well established market against veteran sellers may be a difficult. but not impossible, prospect. With the demand for used undergarments on the internet extremely high, sales can be good with a little work.


websites and auctionsites

Any of these large sale and auction sites can be used with a little careful research, however, if you are willing to do a little work and spend a little more money, a personal website may be the best way to make sales. Once again, the internet is a vast resource for this, with many websites dedicated to worn pantie sales. Quite a few of these sites offer services in helping the first time seller, as well as tips and tricks for making sales.

An excellent website to visit when starting is the Pantydeal toplist.  This is a webring that gathers together a group of sites selling used panties, and is an excellent resource with which to start. Another site to visit for the first time seller is, a website developed by an experienced seller of used panties, which is intended to help the first time seller, as well as a resource to promote keeping the industry honest and safe. There are articles on breaking into the market, as well as valuable interviews with veteran sellers. In addition to these websites, is another massive resource of information on buying and selling used panties. Taking advantage of any one of these websites can help the beginning seller a long way in breaking into the market. They help the seller to learn about various verification programs and techniques to keep the buying and selling process as safe as possible.


Used Panties: A Valuable Online Enterprise

It is a truth universally acknowledged that you can find just about anything for sale on the internet these days. The web has become the number one marketplace for everything, from books to electronics to housewares, and now offers an astounding selection for the most discreet fetishist or collector. Individuals and websites offering udes panties for sale have begun to spring up on the internet, which has become an enormous and legitimate market for adults trying to make a little extra money. From college students trying to make extra money for school, to housewives attempting to make extra cash, selling udes panties has become an enormously popular market, a flourishing industry that can earn some serious cash for people with a little extra time, a few basic marketing skills, and the willingness to part with some of their more intimate underthings.