The used panty fetish is strange but quite common nonetheless. While many people may feel that that this is a nasty or perverted activity, used panty sniffers would argue that it is simply an erotic experience. There are different types of used panty fetish and every individual will enjoy something slightly different from the next.

Most men enjoy smelling a woman’s dirty underwear. They are more commonly referred to as “panty sniffers”. Panty sniffers thrive on sniffing a ladies used and unwashed underwear. It is the scents, combined with an active imagination that gets them aroused. While some men may get off on sniffing any woman’s panties, many of them prefer to see an actual picture or video of the woman.

While there is the rare instance of a man sniffing his woman’s used panties, with her consent, most men buy dirty panties online. This is a thriving industry and quite the business opportunity for courageous women. If women are ale to identify that there is s market for a specific product and seize the opportunity, there is no telling how much money a woman can make online – selling her used and dirty panties.

The used panty fetish can tend to go to extremes. Some people are no longer satisfied with just sniffing used panties and want more out of it. This desire for more tends to extend onto the erotic fantasy world, where people start acting out the deep and intimate thoughts that run through their minds. In most cases, it may seem weird, perverted and even sick to many people, but to the panty fetish guy or girl, it is simply heaven.

While some people enjoy the smell of vaginal fluid on the used panties that they buy, there are equally as many who enjoy other smells like urine and feces on the panties. It may sound utterly disgusting to the person who doesn’t have the fetish, however, it is mandatory for many people. These people depend on panty sniffing to get aroused and ultimately have a healthy sex life.

There are so many things that can turn a person on. What works for one may not necessarily work for the other. The only way to reseal what works for you is buy trying out different things and then deciding on how it makes you feel. You may soon discover that panty sniffing is in fact what works best for you.