There is no reason as to why any open minded lady should feel embarrassed or awkward when it comes to selling used panties. In fact, it is perfectly safe to do so and it doesn’t take a longtime for you to start making easy money; 24 hours is what you need.

How much time you will need

How much time you will need

It is a fact that men are always on the lookout for ways in which they can stimulate and drive their innermost sexual desires. Currently, panty selling is proving to be a lucrative business and it can earn any woman from as little as an extra coin to a monthly income. However, the trick to driving more sales is to have a high customer retention rate which can only be achieved when one has recurring customers.

Taking pictures of masturbating in your panty

In as much as the lady’s scent is more important, one has to also be innovative. Taking videos and pictures of masturbating in your panty can be a great selling point. This is so because there are instances where some buyers would want a little more than what women deposit on the pants during “normal” wear in addition to getting their order verified. In addition, when responding to your buyers’ questions, try to find out how much scent potential buyers expect to be getting when they order.

Different panty buyers tend to have different requests

Remember, different panty buyers tend to have different requests so as to fulfill their fetish. Consider this as an opportunity to make more money and don’t respond to free requests. Instead, create classified listings and try to include videos or photos of you in the pants. When selling them, take time to perfectly wrap them so as to preserve the scent before sending. You could even send them pictures right away once an order has been placed.

Lastly, panty selling to some women could be considered as abhorrent and weird to many people, but there are plenty of men who are willing to pay good money for worn panties. For any woman who supplies her used panties, selling them can be extremely profitable. It only takes less time to get into business. In addition, it is a perfectly safe way to earn money as long as you take precautions to protect your privacy.