Joining an escort business might be a very lucrative career choice for you. However, like any other career, success will only come from hard work and dedication. If you expect positive outcome, you must have the right tools for the job.

Fashion shoot of a young and sexy woman in lingerie

What it takes to be a professional escort

The first thing you should have upon starting escort career is professional photos. These photos play a very crucial role in emphasising on your quality. Take some pictures of yourself; upload them for your clients in an online profile on a website. Ensure you follow the comments and reply to your client when need be. These comments allow you know what clients are looking for and the type of adjustments you should make to remain relevant in the market. Have a supportive behaviour and good attitude to meet the demands of your client. Actually, frankness and positive personality is the think that most clients love, thus it will be very easy for you get clients with this kind of attitude.

Promote yourself

Develop catchy profile by uploading sexy pictures and videos. Clients love to see these sexy pictures and videos. Name a price that distinguishes you from competitors. A lower price will force your customers to question the quality of services you offer, while very high price will make them shy away. So, price your services carefully. Personal safety is very important issue for professional escorts. Ensure you are safe by screening before you choose your customer. Provide services in secure locations and request to see photo ID from clients to be sure they are the person you want to deal with or check the client’s information against their backlist database. Learn these 4 ways from your agency: the basics of your safety, protection against sexual diseases, client’s satisfaction and how you will get your money.


In Conclusion:


Know what to do when your customer turns violent. Know how to demand and ensure the client wear protection. Know what it includes to be with a client; don’t discuss clients with other clients or somebody else. Avoid prying into the private life of your client. Learn to be patient and avoid poaching other people’s clients. By carefully taking into account the tipps discussed here, you will automatically become a professional escort.