It is now a common fact that anyone can make money selling their old panties on the internet. Once termed as a crazy business idea has now become a source of livelihood to hundreds of women around the world. Going by the numbers of websites that are selling these fetish garments each day, it is certain that the panty business is definitely here to stay. The following are enticing, lingerie women can added to their list of dirty panties to improve their earnings tremendously.

If you’re endowed with a good body frame, then there is a wonderful bedroom clothing you can wear and see male clients gather around your profile like moth on a source of light. This amazing clothing called a corset is usually worn by ladies who want to showcase their juicy butts or their shapely hips. If your aim is to captivate or bewitch your clients, then making a photo of yourself wearing a see-through corset will usually work wonders to your amazement. The fact that they will see a partially naked body will make it hard for them to leave your profile, without getting one of those.

Other highly stimulating garments you can wear and sell to your clients include Chevron Tights, stockings or control Top Pantyhose. These are readily available in local stores were they range from $15 to $30 each. Fortunately, when worn bare for a few hours, the same can be sold for higher prices in the market. Additionally, just like all other intimate women clothing, they are available in a wide range of colour, design and fit to compliment every body type.

Hot pants are other inner clothing you can put up for sale in an online portal that supply used panties to customers. In the late 90s, thigh-length, hot pants made of denim materials used to be very fashionable. However, that has since changed with the coming of better looking alternatives, which are very popular with many women today. Made only to cover the pubic and the buttock areas, they are also made using fine, soft material to hold nicely to the body.

Lastly, winning and staying ahead of your competitors in the panty business requires a sharp mind to succeed in the trade. There is usually no way around that fact. You’ll need to treat your customers to different fetish clothing, if you’ll want to see them again.