Panty fetishism is essentially sexual fetishism that has to do with undergarments. There are persons who undergo sexual excitement in the following situations:

Merely by handling or just observing, certain types of underwear.
While wearing, some types of underwear.
When handling or observing certain kinds of underwear used by another person
Seeing someone in the act of either putting on, or taking off of underwear.
Looking at electronic or printed material that illustrates underwear.


Panty fetishism is a mental condition termed paraphilia where a person eroticizes panties or other kind of underwear. This can involve the sharing of electronic/printed material showing exposure of panties, or direct physical contact with panties. Like most other fetishes, the condition appears either during childhood or adolescence

Pantyhose fetishism

A pantyhose fetishist might engage in stocking fetishism too, as the latter has a sheer silky aspect as well as appeal of the former. However, most males have distinct fetishistic attraction for pantyhose rather than stockings because unlike stockings, as it is in direct and intimate contact with the female vagina and this is especially true when women are wearing dresses or skirts.

Pantyhose fetishism can appear in any of the following ways:

Wearing pantyhose by one or both partners while sexual intercourse is going on.
Some males wear pantyhose either when or sexually aroused.
Increased arousal or sexual interest in watching, admiring and experiencing women wearing pantyhose.
Collecting and viewing porn photographs, or video of amateur and professional models sporting pantyhose.
A male or female encased in a pantyhose.

A youth is affected by pantyhose fetishism during his formative years by seeing a female who is close to him such as a family member, neighbor, teacher or family friend.

There are various degrees and sub-categories of pantyhose fetishism, that are too numerous to mention and it can appear together with other kinds of fetishes, making a person’s fetishes rather unique.