The first vital piece of information for the first time seller to remember is that people paying money for used panties are looking for authentically used clothing. Customers of this particular market are driven more by fragrance than anything else, and it is exceptionally important that the item for sale retain the body odors from its use. A general tip for anyone looking to sell used underwear is to allow the garment to be worn for heavy usage during a variety of activities, sexual and otherwise, and as soon as the garment is removed, it needs to be well sealed in an airtight container, preferably a zippered baggie or plastic container of some kind. It is vital that the garment not be washed after use, or the value of the item will be decreased greatly, or it may not sell at all. Clothing that is laundered simply becomes secondhand clothing in the buyer’s eyes, and the value, charm, and draw of the used panties is erased.