Selling dirty panties for cash is becoming the norm these days. As long as you keep your privacy in check, there is a goldmine out there waiting for you. You may actually find it strange, but there are many men who are more than willing to pay top dollar for hosiery, panties and bras that were once worn by women. On the flip side of things, there are many women who make good money by selling their used panties. In general, this is a profitable business opportunity that a person with the right resources and information can venture into for sustainable profits. The only limitation to earning money selling worn panties is the nature of your personal comfort. TipsThe first thing that most people who venture into this kind of business consider is the platform onto which they will be marketing their goods. With the advent of the internet, the geographical boundaries of your marketing targets are virtually limitless. The issue here is only with regards to shipping arrangements that come after your customers have paid for their products. So try considering an online approach. Another thing here is that taste is key. Different customers have different tastes. Whether it is silk, cotton or lace, you should be able to stock a variety of these items before you open shop. You will also want to do some research on which types of panties sell easily so as to recoup your investments quicker. Cotton for instance has more scent than other materials and sells more. Also, diversification never hurts. You can add some lingerie in your stock to create a one-stop-shop establishment.Buying in bulk is another way of saving money since there will be a discount on your purchase. Also, storing the panties in a cool and dry place will help retain the scent. Plastics can come in handy for this particular purpose. Studying the demand will also help you determine how much you can charge during the month. Special requests such as sending them with a photo can warrant an increase in the prices. On top of that, it is very important to try networking with other sellers to be able to access advice and even learn about the market situation. This can be done through the use of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Also, remember to relate with your customers in an understanding manner. These are some of the ideas that can help you earn money selling used panties today.