A Step by Step Guide to sell panties online

A Guide to sell used panties

There are many avid used panty fetishists who have continuously provided a profitable market for worn panties. Basically, such men find it enticing to buy used panties in that the material and scent of this undergarment gets them aroused. Also, the fact that they are able to connect with the seller makes their fantasy more realistic.


Selling used panties is easy:

Many women who dedicate their time to selling used panties can make as much as $400 a month or more through sites such as Pantydeal; so if you wish to earn money selling underwear, here’s how to go about it.

Step 1: Buy some sexy panties that men will like

Panty fetishists have different tastes; some men like thongs and G-strings, while others prefer bikinis and boy shorts. Therefore, you need to buy a selection of these in a variety of colors so you are well prepared to meet customer orders. Some of the ideal fabric options to go for include cotton, satin and polyester.

Step 2: Fulfill fetish buyers’ demands and needs by wearing the panties

Before you get to sell used underwear, you need to put them on to meet client requests. Many men will ask for panties that you have worn as you go about your daily activities, since these will soak up a natural scent that they find stimulating. Still, other men will request for stained panties, though this doesn’t mean that the panties should be very dirty, just slightly worn. You should also expect demands for panties that you have used while exercising or doing other things.

Step 3: Take some sexy pics and videos of you wearing panties

Photos and videos help establish authenticity for the panties, and this is why you need to take a have a number of them. To get it right, you should get a good quality camera so that you incorporate clear and sexy photos that will capture your clients’ attention and give them an idea of what to expect. You can always take the photos from the neck down if you want to keep things discrete, though it’s up to you to decide on how much anonymity you wish to maintain.

Step 4: Post them on Pantydeal and start your business

When you have your photos and used panties ready, you are set to start making money selling used panties online. You just need to sign up on Pantydeal, (click here to learn how in this post) post your best pics, chat with clients to find out what they would like and then do your best to fulfill those orders.