Buying used and unwashed panties and also sniffing the stained panties is more fashionable these days. You may buy unwashed panties from old women’s, university students, college students and high school students from the age of 18. Most of these panties they been worn for weeks or days. You may get them with a reasonable price depending on how many days has been worn. Smelling a stained panty with juices is really fantastic. Some of these panties are worn by those women’s who does lots of different exercises and they become stained. It may be a good advantage to buy one of panties because they may sticky and have more taste.

These panties are made in different style ,colour, and sizes including tanga, thong, boy short, classic brief, bikini and more depending on which taste is preferable for you. You may also keep these underwear in a close plastic bag. Putting unwashed panties in a close plastic bag it may be an advantage because they always stay fresh and smelling good. If these these panties have too much juices the stain and smell may last for days. Buying a panty with a yeast infection crust is also great. You may buy some of these panties from women’s who have been on their periods. Auction is also accessible when you buying these unwashed stained underwear.

Most of the stained sticky panties are worn over night when the body is relaxed. These panties may last for more days in your secrete bag. Some of these panties may not be washed for more than a year and they still smell good. Some of them may be worn for a morning jog, , day walk, gym and more. Saved pictures and videos of a stained panty while worn to make sure its fresh. These fresh unwashed panties are sold to people of any gender as long as you like sniffing used underwear.