The used panty industry is becoming increasingly popular. There are now just as many women prepared to sell their used panties – as there are men prepared to buy them. The phenomena with soiled panties will remain a mystery for many individuals, however, for those who understand the fetish behind it, it all makes perfect business sense.


Soiled Panties Fetish

Soiled panties for Sale - men love sniffing dirty undies...


Men who have this fetish, depend on sniffing soiled panties in order to become aroused. Many of these men cannot even have normal sexual experiences, unless it involves sniffing a woman’s panties.

Soiled panties and where you can get them

Although this may seem like a weird or perverted infatuation with a woman’s most intimate piece of clothing, it is actually quite normal. Men with this fetish, tend to join sites like where they are able to browse through a list of soiled panties as well as their sellers online. It is important that men get to see the actual seller and make some type of connection with them, before buying the used panty. This makes the experience even more real. Men are visual beings and most of their decisions are influenced by the images that they see before them. They love to buy soiled panties or sexy underwear as it is a turn on for them.

The Panty Fetish is a huge business

If you would like to become a used panty seller, it could prove to be a very lucrative business for you. The soiled panty selling business is one of the few that do not require stocking up on inventory. It also does not require any storage space and there is no such thing as “out of stock”. This makes an extremely profitable business, where you actually get to keep 100% of the profit. Selling panties can also be done on your own website and you can promote it through the Website. Alternatively, you are welcome to advertise your used goodies in the classifieds section of Pantydeal. The Site also allows you to register a free account with them, before you start selling your licking dirty undies. Feel free to upload as many pictures of soiled panties as you would like.