Why some men are panty fetishists? The answer is not that hard to find. Men become so due to a number of reasons. We have heard of fetishists who buy panties online. And there are those who steal panties too. Whatever be the case, it’d be interesting to know more about the practice.

Romantic cause

In a manner of speaking, the whole thing is romantic. A panty is indeed an apparel that stays so intimately close to a female’s most private part. As a result, it carries within it the mysterious smell that makes a female really a female. Every day, all around the world, women discard their dirty panties into a hamper. Since it is so private and intimate an apparel, it is rarely handled by any person save the woman to whom it belongs to place. So to possess a woman’s panty is as if he owns an important piece of her. This is usually done after a spot of lovemaking. The man steals the gal’s panties to keep it as an object of romance.

A keepsake

Some guys want to keep the treasured objects as a keepsake. Such a guy wants to carry his lover’s intimate smell with him. It has been scientifically proved that smell can be a potent sexual tool. It is said that pheromones secreted by sweat glands can give rise to sexual reactions. Certain panty thieves want to steal a few panties belonging to the one woman he lust after. So that woman’s panties are special objects for his intimate attention as it is something extra special as far as he is concerned.

Stealing panties can be highly exciting to some. There have been even news stories of males getting caught in the very act of filching panties of their neighbors. Laundromats often post warning signs concerning panty theft from among their wash.

Many things can drive a man to pilfer panties; it might be because they were worn by the girl who is the object of his affections, the intimate scent of the thing, or just the kick he got out of stealing them. Whatever it is that compels a man to steal panties, it all boils down to the fact that he is a prey to sexual fantasies.