The used panty sector is one that continues to illicit all kinds of mixed reactions among many, besides being blamed for promoting bad morals that affect the society. Nonetheless, it remains as one of the most lucrative businesses that an individual can start to get money from the internet. Today, there is a huge plethora of websites such as and other panty networks that make it easy for panty sellers to locate the right clientele in the market. If you are a registered member in one of these websites, learning to attracting repeat customer is key to your success. Here is how you can go about it in an appropriate fashion.

All registered members who have accounts with are given access to a particular section on the site that allows them to post customer reviews. The tab once clicked using a mouse pointer will direct a seller to a page, where they can write a review about a certain client. No doubt, it is the most effective tool that any seller can use to hook their customers to their services. Additionally, upon leaving their positive remarks about their customers, it is always nice to combine these reviews with a preferred star rating for all their customers as well.

The instant messaging service(IM)is another great tool used to help panty sellers make money on the famous website. This feature allows the seller to locate clients who are available in the site from their profiles, then start a conversation that may lead to having the client buy their panty goods. When this feature is used appropriately, not only will it help a member to sell their stained inner wears, but it will also help them find a repeat customer who will be loyal to their services.

Lastly, a webcam is the most essential gadget that can be used on the site to generate a decent income. The site is created in such a way that it allows for the full integration of a web cam device. If you want to give your clients a show that they will never forget, the delectronic device will be a valuable asset to purchase. Most fetish buyers want to see your merchandise before they can purchase what you have to offer. Therefore, it is imperative to install this device on your computer, before you can start taking any orders from your customers.