Men get an unusual high with all types of smells associated with a woman. It is not limited to her hair, face, hands or legs or the type of shampoo, cream, cosmetics or perfumes she uses.


Sellers can sell dirty thongs and wet panties etc.

Sexy Woman

Men love to sniff dirty panties

In fact it extends to the smell of used panties for which some men develop a strange fetish. Sellers can sell dirty thongs and panties at Pantydeal and will be surprised to know that a huge marketplace exists for such items. There are many out there who are ready to pay a tidy sum for used panties. So ladies who are open-minded can go ahead and fulfill their desire to earn some extra money by wearing their panties through the day and then sell them. Panties invariably evoke pleasurable moments and those worn by pretty ladies leave a distinct imprint of their individual smell. There are buyers who just wish to be part of this meaningful experience.

What type of used panties you should be selling

Panty sellers always wonder about the type of used panties that they should be selling. The main criteria however should be that the panties should be washed and used several times. Even tattered panties may be acceptable than those which appear freshly bought. While selling used panties online, it would be best to describe the used panties with details such as how many times it has been worn and the number of years it has been with the owner. Buyers find it all the more thrilling when they start imagining the best with the details provided. Regarding used panties, some buyers may prefer cotton panties but many may prefer panties made of material such as polyester, satin or nylon as they can retain the moisture and smell readily. Similarly sellers can list the different styles of panties that are on offer for sale. Pantydeal is the ideal place where it’s possible to sell dirty thongs and panties.