As with any product, marketing is very important when selling used panties online. There are some basics of selling almost any product that apply to selling used panties as well. For example, buyers want to know that they are getting the genuine item. Anyone can go to the store, pick up a fresh pair of panties, and sell them on the internet. Because of this, most buyers will want to see pictures of the panties being worn. Sellers often balk at this idea, not wanting their face to be seen in the sales listing, but more often than not a face shot is not necessary, and a shot of the lower half will suffice. More advanced sellers may go as far as posting a video of themselves wearing the underwear, which in itself is an excellent selling technique.

Customer service is an extremely vital skill in selling items like this as well. In this industry, customer requests are fairly normal, especially when dealing with repeat customers. Knowing the customer and his preferences is something that can go a long way in making sales, and can lead to repeat buyers. This is, however, an area were the seller needs to be exceptionally careful in terms of his or her own personal safety. One of the main challenges in responding to customer requests is rooting through the sea of messages from people who are simply looking for free porn. People that ask for more pictures of the product being worn are quite often simply trying to get free pictures of women in their underwear. If the seller’s website and marketing is set up correctly, than any pictures the seller has already posted should suffice.

It is also not unusual for a buyer to request a meeting in order for the sale to be made in person. There are many stories on the internet of this particular situation occurring, and while they primarily end well, it is a highly inadvisable habit, and should be practiced only by veteran sellers who have an established and trusting relationship with their buyers. The new seller may received many of these requests, especially when listing their items on the major auction websites, but should ignore these messages for safety reasons.

Before jumping into the sales of used panties on the internet, the seller should consider the cost of such an enterprise, not only financially, but in time and effort. Stories will always run rampant about people who made upwards of a thousand dollars or over in a month, but it is important to remember the reality of the market. There are some exceptionally fine sellers who run their websites full time, not only modeling for pictures, but doing videos, graphics, and web design. On top of all that, they must find time to actually buy and wear the panties they advertise. With that in mind, the first time seller should not expect to make a life altering amount of money, especially when first starting out. Running an online business is something that takes time, effort, and money, and a specialized business such as this one takes a lot of cultivation before it can become extremely profitable. What the first time seller may need, above all, is the patience to continue doing the work and the motivation to turn their hard work and effort into profit.

With that said, internet business is the wave of the future, and the sale of used panties online is an ever expanding market. More discreet buyers are coming to the forefront since the internet offers them a private and safe place to add to their collections, and good customer service and variety are keeping them as regular customers. To start in this business, it is of vital importance to do some research, and to understand that veteran sellers are open to questions from new sellers, and are more than willing to give advice. The first and most valuable piece of advice they offer is to enter the business without shame, and be willing to sacrifice time and energy as you would any other business venture. If you are willing to do the work, there is plenty of easy money ready to be made in this industry. Start with a web search on the subject, and use the resources that the web offers. If done safely and correctly, this business can not only be fun and sexy, but it can be a source of extra money as well.


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