Any of these large sale and auction sites can be used with a little careful research, however, if you are willing to do a little work and spend a little more money, a personal website may be the best way to make sales. Once again, the internet is a vast resource for this, with many websites dedicated to worn pantie sales. Quite a few of these sites offer services in helping the first time seller, as well as tips and tricks for making sales.

An excellent website to visit when starting is the Pantydeal toplist.  This is a webring that gathers together a group of sites selling used panties, and is an excellent resource with which to start. Another site to visit for the first time seller is, a website developed by an experienced seller of used panties, which is intended to help the first time seller, as well as a resource to promote keeping the industry honest and safe. There are articles on breaking into the market, as well as valuable interviews with veteran sellers. In addition to these websites, is another massive resource of information on buying and selling used panties. Taking advantage of any one of these websites can help the beginning seller a long way in breaking into the market. They help the seller to learn about various verification programs and techniques to keep the buying and selling process as safe as possible.