Buying used panties online means that you are being practical and wise in satisfying your fetish.

buy used undies online

Like sniffing panties ? Find out where to buy them.

They may be quite expensive but they are worth the price and you should not be ashamed if you plan to buy used panties. Nobody apart from your seller will know that your panties had been worn before.

Sites like Pantydeal for example offers an exclusive panty buying experience and a wide range of sellers a panty types to choose from. The used panties tend to attract more men and women who have a panty sniffing fetish.


Rules to keep in mind when buying wet panties

On, you will get different panties that are made from different materials, brands and have different styles. Although a brand name may not be a primary concern, it is wise to consider brand since some brands tend to have better quality panties than others. This will ensure that you get a long lasting panty that you can use for longer or sniff on longer.

Make a clear and safe deal

if you plan to buy used underwear, you are required to join and register an account at to ensure that the transactions are smooth and efficient. This is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller since they are protected from illegal internet activities. Additionally, the website offers different payment systems and as the buyer, you are free to choose the system that you are comfortable with.

Choose a style that you like

This would mainly affect buyers who prefer to sniff panties. If you want to get the best fantasies and fulfill your fetish in a unique way, you must consider the style. There are different styles from simple to exquisite ones. go for a panty style that excites form just looking at it. Then you can also tell the seller how long to wear it and what you want them to do with the undies.


Buying used panties should be a personal choice. However, try not to use all your money on used underwear.