What’s so hot about used women`s underwear? And why are more and more men embracing their fetish for worn panties? It’s no secret that men are aroused by hot chicks – their bodies, their touch, their sexy scent – and they love the opportunity to get up close and personal with these beautiful women.

Sniffing underwear

More and more men are starting to get interested in sniffing used panties.

Why men enjoy panty sniffing:

A girl’s panties are one of the most intimate things she owns: she wears them to bed, on her bicycle, in her classes, at the gym… So what could be more personal than the touch and scent of a used thong? With the smell of her body’s most intimate areas on her knickers, it’s not hard to understand why more and more men enjoy panty sniffing and purchasing used underwear from sexy babes. A man who loves women’s knickers and thongs can buy panties online on Pantydeal and even chat to the girl he buys it from.

Can you trust the panty sellers ?

All sellers on Pantydeal are verfied members of the site, and our gallery of hot chicks allows buyers to see exactly what they’re purchasing, and who they’re purchasing it from. Customers can also view the girls’ homemade videos wearing panties and watch sexy babes parading their cute underwear for Pantydeal members. There’s an eclectic range of underwear and beautiful ladies on the site, from lacy thongs to cute girlish knickers, and their owners also come in all shapes and sizes. On Pantydeal, men can find women’s underwear that suits their individual tastes and buy with confidence. Girls who’d like to sell their used underwear and fetch a great price can also feel confident with Pantydeal.


After registering, they are able to create a unique selling profile page with pictures and even upload homemade videos wearing the panties they’re selling, to develop a fan-base on the site and generate those all-important extra sales. For men, Pantydeal is the perfect place to indulge a fetish, and for women, the site is the perfect way to get started in the lucrative world of selling used underwear.