In the land of the rising sun drinks and snacks can be drawn at each corner from a vending machine. They embody the wealth, but also the service concept in a highly developed society. But not only edible products can be found in these vending machines. You can also purchase your daily horoscope, disposable cameras or straight out Smut here. Basically, one is not dependent at all on a supermarket in Japan.

Since the early 90s, however, there is a persistent rumor that says that the Japanese can even satisfy their odor-fetishism approaching a vending machine. Thus, young girls‘ worn panties and bras are being offered here in a wide range of products.It is a fact that these machines really have been used for the first time in 1993. It was the idea of resourceful business people who winded a gold mine in the smell fetishism of their countrymen. However, there was a problem: the excited buyers were suddenly disappointed when they retreated actually worn panties from a “Vending Machine” and realized that the panties did not spread the fragrance of hot girls, because they had previously been washed.

In te end the machines were removed quickly, because the owners had apparently sold these second-hand goods without proper licenses. One can certainly not check, whether there are slip-machines still standing around somewhere in Godzilla’s home, or if all that shall be filed under the heading “Urban Legend”. Nevertheless, a spark of hope remains: some people claim that such machines are still in use. Even evidence photos were spotted on the internet. Furthermore, there are indications, even though contradictory ones, about the price of a worn panties from vending machines. They move from 50 cents to 40 euro per piece.